Watch BlackBerry’s Newest Brand Video Now

BlackBerry has released a new video online showing what BlackBerry really is.

Anyone that follows the BlackBerry brand know that BlackBerry is not just about phones anymore. In fact, they don’t even make phones anymore, instead licensing the brand to partners. But BlackBerry hasn’t entirely walked away from the category, as they are still securing the phones that have the BlackBerry name emblazoned on them. That is what BlackBerry does now, secure things. They secure the entire Internet of Things.

It is oftentimes difficult to separate BlackBerry from phones. In times like today, after an earnings statement, it’s increasingly obvious that many still think of BlackBerry as a phone manufacturer. Which makes days like today, a perfect time to inform people all of which BlackBerry does. It’s a perfect time to point out the multitude of industries that they have entered, and to inform those that may not be in the know, that BlackBerry offers the pinnacle of security services for our still new connected world.

As the Internet of Things becomes more of a reality everyday, it is nice to know that BlackBerry has planned for this, and has made themselves a basic building block in securing it. With BlackBerry’s Enterprise of Things, cars, medical equipment, smart devices, computers and more can all enjoy the same security standards that BlackBerry is known for in the mobile phone world.

Watch BlackBerry’s new video, “BlackBerry’s Secure and Connected Future” below, and be sure to share with any that think that BlackBerry is still just a phone company.


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