Watch BlackBerry CEO John Chen on CBS This Morning

Yes, you can put Instagram on The New BlackBerry

John Chen made an appearance on CBS This Morning. It was nice to see Mr. Chen’s positive outlook, even if we really didn’t get to hear much from him.

The newscasters proceeded to quickly speak of BlackBerry’s struggles in hardware, and BlackBerry’s pivot to a software company. Two of the newscasters stated they still used BlackBerry’s showing off a BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Classic. One of the parties said they still really like it, then proceeded to say that user’s are judged for using them, and are seen as dinosaurs.

Chen began to speak of the IoT and the EoT, but was cut off by a third newscaster who wanted to know what the BlackBerry device had which the iPhone does not, which as he answered a slide showing market share covered the screen.

The interview culminated with Chen proving that you can in fact use Instagram on The New BlackBerry.

There is a reason I don’t go to CBS This Morning for my tech news.

There was a tidbit of information within the interview though. John Chen spoke of the three licensees which will be providing BlackBerry hardware, and stated that there would be more coming.

How odd? TCL’s deal cover’s the globe, except for the very specific areas covered by India’s Optiemus and Indonesia’s BB Murah Putih. In fact, BlackBerry Android’s license deals cover the entire world. The optimistic side of me wonders, what else could BlackBerry be working on licensing deals for?

Enjoy the interview below captured by YouTube user Huynh Tinh

Watch BlackBerry CEO John Chen on CBS This Morning


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  • Sipo Kapumba

    A really fast paced interview. A bit chaotic also, but he drove the message home.

    • He did a great job for being asked really bad questions.

  • Roy shpitalnik

    Someone should fire those anchors..

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    I don’t blame CBS anchors because sometimes they have to ask provocative questions and sometime they don’t have sufficient information about the quest and subject