Watch as Battery Explodes on Airplane

One place you really don’t want to see a lithium ion battery explode is on a flight.

I know what you’re thinking. But even though they’re known to do just this very thing, the explosion wasn’t an iPhone. This time, it was a power bank. You know, those items which people carry around so that their phones can last them throughout the day. Well, this power bank went up in flames in the overhead compartment on an airplane.

The incident happened on a China Southern flight. Someone quickly recorded the incident, which China Southern uploaded to their Twitter feed. While the video certainly serves as a warning, it’s surprising that China Southern would so proudly show it. The emergency response of the crew leaves much to be desired. I don’t believe that the standard operating procedure in case of fire is to forego a fire extinguisher and grab the drinking water and orange juice, but I’m no professional.

Each of these explosive videos do serve as a reminder of just how dangerous our lithium ion powered devices can be. If you’re in possession of a damaged device, you would be much better served to simply dispose of the device than to try to get more use out of it. While it may be an inconvenience, or costly to replace, you don’t want to suffer injuries from a fiery explosion. And never take one on an airplane.

Source: CNET


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