Watch a Tesla Burst into Flames

You usually need an Apple logo on a product to see such a fiery performance.

Television actress Mary McCormack posted a video to Twitter of a Tesla shooting some very impressive flames out of it’s front wheel wells. The Tesla belonged to the actresses husband, director and producer Michael Morris.

According to McCormack, the car had not been involved in any accident, and was in light traffic on Santa Monica Blvd when a “kind couple” flagged him down and informed him that his car was on fire. Needless to say, this was no small fire. Watch the video in the tweet below to see the flames erupting from the auto.

The original tweet was addressed to Tesla, on the 15th. As of yesterday, McCormack’s family had not been contacted by Tesla, although stories have ran stating that Tesla is investigating the incident. One must really wonder how one would go about investigating this incident without speaking to the victim of the incident.

What is surprising is not simply the ferociousness of the flames erupting from the car, but the ferociousness of Tesla fans attacking both the actress, and others that wonder about the safety of these vehicles. A few Twitter users called the actress out for even posting the video, asking why she would do such a thing publicly. In my opinion, incidents such as these should be made public. Both to allow other’s to see what can potentially happen with products which they are considering, and in some cases, to force the manufacturer to acknowledge any issues.


Source: Deadline


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