Was the first Typo a Typo? Seacrest releases Typo 2


Most of us try to learn from our mistakes. Others intentionally make a second one .

One of the repeat offenders is Ryan Seacrest. I guess he didn’t learn the first time.

In an article by Katie Nelson at Mashable , we find that they really didn’t change much … in fact I’ll venture they’ll get sued again. Why not? Seems to be the American way.

Hell, why don’t you just read the whole article


This gal really deserves credit for this well written piece.

What I really don’t get is why would people even bother buying one when the BlackBerry Q10 -heck the Q5 are far superior devices and the screen is almost the same size as on the iPhone. The battery life alone (300% better minimum) is enough to go that route.



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