WARNING! – If You Dismiss The Passport You’ll Just Look iGnorant!



Writing on tech blogs about BlackBerry used to be such an easy thing. You spot a BlackBerry phone, dash out a few words about the ‘last chance saloon’, have a good old ponder about why they even bother anymore and maybe a point and laugh at the stupidity of the company and its’ ‘ever dwindling user base’ whilst you are at it.

Publish and sit back with a smug smile as people pile in to your comments agreeing with you which validates your uneducated argument further and propagates the myth.

Rinse and repeat on various sites and you succeed in turning enough people off to deny the company lots and lots of sales and who knows? You might even play a tiny part in them going down altogether – wouldn’t THAT be cool?


But it doesn’t work like that anymore.

REALITY CHECK TIME is being delivered to the lazy ones as the tide turns…

Here are just a couple of examples of people getting it SPECTACULARLY WRONG… simply because they haven’t bothered to look any further.

Here’s Victoria Woollaston of the Mail Online getting fully behind the new phone, watch out for the ‘BlackBerry are almost dead’ twaddle…

Blackberry reveals more details about its bizarre SQUARE phone due to launch in September

Among the rectangular handsets of Apple, Samsung and HTC, BlackBerry has traditionally struggled to stand out from the crowd.
So, in what could the last roll of the dice for the Canadian firm, it has unveiled more details about its first handset to have a square display.
The BlackBerry Passport has a full HD 4.5-inch square screen, which is said to offer a similar viewing space to a 5-inch phone, but ‘an even better viewing experience’ because of the screen’s width.

So, no point in reading on really, since this could be the ‘last roll of the dice’, why bother? No, Victoria, the last roll was ages back, BlackBerry are nicely profitable, thanks (they do more than just phones you see) but they are also selling lots and lots of phones right now, it’s called the Z3, it’s just not happening in your country right now (the UK) so it can’t be happening, right?


What follows is actually half decent stuff, but Victoria can’t help herself with this line:

It is unclear how comfortable the phone would be to hold, when making a call for example, and BlackBerry has not released any details about the price.

Well, let me help you here. What will happen when you make a call is you will hold the phone to your ear and speak into the microphone. You must have an iPhone – I know, you won’t be used to doing that as it isn’t capable of it most of the time but that’s how it works! Amazing, huh?

So, Victoria seems to be showing high levels of what can only be described as iGnorance. Let’s hope she reads UTB in future!

Moving on, let’s now turn to Mark Hachmann of the online PC World blog. PC World are the UK’s biggest tech retailers and have just announced they are taking over Carphone Warehouse. Previously they had a partnership with Phones4U (whose CEO infamously declared BlackBerry ‘Dead’ months ago and ceased to carry BlackBerry products) where P4U had a booth in every PC World store. It’s pretty obvious Mark is rather behind the times…

BlackBerry makes its case for a square (!) phone

The [BlackBerry] Passport, the company’s upcoming square — yes, square phone — is “like the IMAX of productivity,” according to the company.

No, that’s no typo. BlackBerry is betting its future on a square phone, and the company laid out the reasons why in a blog post this week.

With just 2.6 million phones sold last quarter, most pundits have written off BlackBerry for dead. With developers turning to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, BlackBerry recently turned to emulated Android apps as one of the pontoons that will keep the company afloat. But an aggressive hardware design will apparently be another option.

The BlackBerry Passport will features a 4.5-inch square screen, with a squished, hardware keyboard tucked below. BlackBerry hasn’t yet announced a price or a ship date. It has, however, rolled out the rhetoric.

“Consider how IMAX screens start with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio projection for conventional movie trailers and then expand to their true dimensions (and the audience goes, “ooh”),” Matt Young, a blogger writing for BlackBerry, said in a blog post on the BlackBerry site. “The Passport is like the IMAX of productivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate, vertically or horizontally.”

Young went on to note that the optimal number of characters on a line in a book is 66 characters, versus the 40 usually shown by smartphones. The Passport will apparently show 60, although that could presumably be adjusted by shrinking the text size. And eliminating the rectangular form factor will also eliminate landscape and portrait viewing modes. Architects, writers, and doctors will benefit from the wider screen, he wrote.

It’s unclear, however, whether anyone cares enough about a square display to bet their future on a platform with so many problems. And, to boot, it’s just plain ugly. Could the Passport be the ticket to BlackBerry’s revival? It doesn’t look likely.


That’s a pretty damning indictment.

And also very wrong!

So much to correct it’s actually more fun just to leave it there and laugh. Especially since Mark has been pretty much battered from pillar to post in the comments to his article with many readers pointing out that they’d love to own one!

And what’s the common denominator on both these articles?

Both were written BEFORE Inside BlackBerry revealed more about how ridiculously clever the keyboard is.

And if they had taken that into account prior to jumping in trotting out the same tired old twaddle neither of these writers would have managed to make themselves look the total twonks they now are observed to be.

So, before rushing in and having a good old fashioned BlackBerry bash – why not hang on a tick.

You might find that rather than looking like a complete iDiot (as you do now) you could steal a jump on your competitors and be one of the first to spot TRUE innovation not fabricated iNnovation.

This time guys, looks like you missed the bus.


There’s always next time though, eh?

We’ll be watching…


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • Nice Biggs. One day soon, those writers will be like “Darn that UTB! Darn that Bigglybobbly!” And maybe they’ll start checking their facts and thinking more before the “mouth off.”

  • Blackjack

    One other ingredient of the cookbook BlackBerry review – be sure to cut and paste “struggling” or “beleaguered” or “embattled” smartphone maker whenever referring to BlackBerry.

    True Biggly part of the genius of the Passport design is it is impossible to dismiss, unless you simply want to dismiss it on looks, which is getting harder to do as the functionality and specs are uncovered. Then you look like kind of a fool as a “reviewer” for not even trying it….

  • ray689

    These guys are clueless which makes it even funnier. These types are getting quieter by the day and soon enough they won’t have each other to lean on as I’m seeing a shift in these idiotic type of write ups.

  • shanerredflag

    Good real Biggly

  • SipoKapumba

    I was initially sceptical about the Passport, until the official images were released, John Chen gave a sneak peak of it, and some videos cropped up, showing the Passport in action, as well as its advanced features, especially the touch sensitive keyboard. BlackBerry has also cleverly given details of how it works, thereby, whetting the appetite of many a fan. The Passport is an innovative and advanced phone design. Though aimed at the enterprise market, health care industry and professionals, once it is adopted by music stars, actors and other celebrities, it will cross over into the consumer segment. The moment it starts appearing in music videos, popular culture, etc., as a status symbol, the deal will have been done. So, from enterprise, it will be adopted by the mass market, only this time, there will be no complaint about lack of apps, because it will be pre-loaded with the Amazon App Store, with the already available option of loading other Android apps. This phone is a winner.

  • ital1

    The BlackBerry Z30 in particular proved that you don’t need outrageous specs when the hardware and software are optimized; yet the argument that the trolls fell back on was that it wasn’t as highly specked out like the high end Android devices. The funny thing is that neither is the iPhone yet it gets a pass, and for what it does, it performs very well. The Passport, with its high end specifications, removes one more argument from the detractors’ list. I can only imagine how well it will perform with that Snapdragon 800 3GB of RAM, and an OS optimized for the hardware. Things are looking worse for the trolls daily.

  • FallingTitan

    The spec war is kinda over in my view. Once you pass a certain speed + cores its all peacocking

    So this is bad news for fandroids

    • ital1

      True, but perhaps the extra RAM and processing will go towards enhanced multitasking?