Warning: Don’t Bite iPhone Batteries

You could blow your noggin off.

You would think some things would be fairly obvious. Don’t touch the stove burner. Don’t use a hair dryer in the bathtub. Don’t eat Tide Pods. Don’t bite cell phone batteries. It seems that the obvious isn’t quite so obvious in today’s society.

The scene was a Chinese electronics store. A shopper was reportedly in the store to replace his iPhone battery. This shopper decided to bite that battery. Why? The reason is unknown, but common sense is no longer a common commodity. The result of his bite? Watch in the video below.

With the recent discovery of Apple throttling the speed on older iPhones with older batteries, and the resulting deal to replace those batteries, there has been a big run on iPhone users having their batteries replaced.

By now, people should be fully aware that lithium ion batteries can and will explode if damaged or punctured. Some obvious advice? Don’t place cell phone batteries in your mouth.

Source: FHM


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