Want to Save on a BlackBerry Passport? Here’s How!


We have managed to once again get our grubby little paws on a few coupons to use on the best smartphone out there, the BlackBerry Passport. We have a limited number of $100 off coupons to be used as ShopBlackBerry.com on the BlackBerry Passport.

We managed to help several readers save on the Passport through our BBM Channel, and we thought we would change it up a little this time.

If you’d like one of these coupons, send me a private message in our forums. What? You’re not already a member? Well you’d best head here and sign up right away! Now just send a private message to Brad, and I’ll send you the coupon code. Remember, quantities are limited and they will be handed out first come first serve. Once signed up, be sure to swing by our introduction forum and say hi.

If you run in to any issues signing up for forums and need help, just shoot a quick e-mail to admin@utbblogs.com with the handle you signed up for and we’ll get you settled right away.


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  • Canuckvoip


  • newcollector

    Is this coupon good even if the phones are already discounted to $599 for the black and white Passport. Will they work on the limited edition Red?

    • Brad

      Good question. They say not valid with any other discounts, but I believe previously they were being accepted.

      And they do work for black, red, or white. Whatever your choice may be.

  • newcollector

    Last time it didn’t work with other discounts and they didn’t allow it on the red for some reason. It is a great opportunity to get the most distinctive and innovative device I have seen in years!

  • outsider

    I tried in the U.S. store and so far it doesn’t allow it on any of the Passports. Works in the Canadian store though.