Want More Control Of Your Photos? Try Open Camera!

Ever wish your camera application had more or better features? Different filters, or ISO settings etc? Well Open Camera by Mark Harman just might fit the bill. And it runs on Android and BlackBerry 10!

After you start the app for the first time, it scans your camera hardware for its particular capabilities. This means you only get settings offered to you that are meaningful to your sensor. Nice! Anything your stock camera app can do you’ll find in Open Camera, although I’ve yet to find Panorama. There are however numerous different settings for ISO, picture size, white balance, and scene modes.

Here are a few shots taken with my Dtek60. The top picture is with the stock camera app, and the lower will be with Open Camera. All options are set to default.


Low light, guitar on couch. Photo taken from same point, but Open Camera got more detail




Berries on a bush in the rain. Auto focus, but look at the colour difference!


Rock wall in the sun, focal point on the dark grey above right of the spider web


Close up on small rocks, focal point centered on the brown and grey rocks in the middle


By default on Android, you’ll find your photos stored in Internal Memory/DCIM/Open Camera. On BB10 you can navigate to Misc/Android/DCIM/Open Camera. And before a certain “someone” asks, no I could not find a way to rename a picture before saving. Lol!

You’ll be happy to know that this app has zero unnecessary permission requests, is free, and completely open source! Thanks Mark Harman! You can download for Android on Gplay, and here’s a link to grab the .apk from Mark’s Sourceforge page. for BB10.

Play around with it and let me know what you think!



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