WannaCry Hero Arrested on Suspicions of Involvement in Another Malware

Just a few short months ago, he was deemed a cybersecurity hero.

Only a few months have passed since the cyber world was in the clutches of the destructive WannaCry malware. And then it was stopped. It was stopped by a British security researcher in an accidental way as he was looking at the malware. The researcher at first chose to stay anonymous, but we now know this security researcher to be 23 year old Marcus Hutchins.

Hutchins attended the Def Con security conference in Las Vegas, and I imagine he was received as a hero for stopping one of the world’s largest malware attacks. I imagine Hutchins probably had a good time. But that good time was cut short when it was time for Hutchins to return home.

Hutchins was arrested as he was readying to board his flight back home to the UK. His arrest was based on suspicions that Hutchins may have helped create and distribute the banking malware Kronos. Kronos was a malware which utilized malicious email attachments to steal users login credentials for online banking.

A cyber security hero that may be guilty of being a malware creator? This will be a case to watch.



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