Vulnerable Printers Shanghaied by Hacker

A hijacking robot took advantage of unsecured printers.

Over 150,000 printers gave their users a warning last week when they printed, seemingly of their own volition, a robot. This bit bot informed the recipients the network was unsecured. The printing, signed with an email and a twitter handle (@lmaostack), used the pseudonym Stackoverflowin, and affected all types and makes of printers from large commercial office printers to small receipt printers found at every local eatery.

Reddit and Twitter blew up with reports. Employees shared images of their hacked printout.

A bot program discovered the printers. It searched the internets for devices left open. The friendly, neighborhood hacker promises he only intended this to be a PSA. He wants to encourage users to be more vigilant in their security measures. He included in the warning an advisement to switch on the appropriate ports to better secure their network. It may seem innocuous to hack a printer, but they can be a gateway to an entire network, and “Stack” just wants people to be more aware. This type of “white hat” hacking has become more popular as of late in an effort to share and educate others on the importance of network security.




Erica Davis

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