Vulnerability is a Choice

Even more vulnerabilities for Apple

January has been an astounding month for malware, with hundreds of vulnerabilities being exposed across various platforms. Let’s look at a few.

Starting with the mobile OS that consistently has the most vulnerabilities, iOS, researchers discovered flaws within its Webkit and a software library ‘libxslt’ which would have allowed malicious code to be executed from a website visit, among other issues. Not to be outdone, Mac OS X El Capitan (is that really the name of their OS!?) has many of the same flaws that is affecting iOS. To Apple’s credit, they have released patches to correct a few of these issues, however, with Apple’s history of patching, we should expect another patch to patch this patch soon.

Android phones aren’t safe this week either. Linux vulnerabilities were found that is estimated to affect 66% of Android phones in use. The flaw lies in the kernel and effects Android 3.8 and higher. These flaws also affect Linux PC’s and servers. We can only hope the Priv, with its hardened Android is one of the safe versions, however if it’s not, we can be assured the Priv will see a patch before an HTC, or a Samsung, or….

Oracle meanwhile has issued patches fixing and unheard of amount of 248 security issues. Affected software includes Java, Oracle Database and the E-Business Suite.

As people ever so slowly begin to wake up and realize that device security matters, I believe we shall see more emphasis in the media surrounding these issues. And as above, as we are presented with how vulnerable ‘trusted’ companies really are, there’s one company, one OS, that always seems to be missing from the list of the unsafe. As is proven time and time again, if you want the most secure mobile OS on the most secure device, there’s only one choice. That choice is a BlackBerry phone running BB10.

Source: Forbes


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