VR-Zone Lands Under The Bridge

It was just a few short months ago that we started this little blog. We’ve had a bit of a shift from my original idea of “Under The Bridge” where we could give an opposing voice to all those internet trolls whom had set BlackBerry in their crosshairs. Things have changed in the world around us, John Chen has taken control, and I suspect that after the earnings call on the 26th we will no longer be talking about BlackBerry’s future turnaround, but instead how Chen managed to complete it so quickly. The sheer number of trolls have been thinning faster than the hair on my head. And Under The Bridge just isn’t as fitting any longer.

However, it’s a good thing that we didn’t throw that bridge away, because a website named VR-Zone just threw itself underneath it. With a title of “Dying BlackBerry brand clings to T-Mobile with the Passport” (author Babu Mohan)  you know you’re going to be in for an amazing read!

 BlackBerry and T-Mobile’s relationship suffered a split earlier this year, when T-Mobile announced that it was going to stop selling Blackberry handsets. The reason behind the split was said to be lack of demand for BlackBerry handsets from the consumers. But a new leaked picture posted by OurBerries website shows that the two companies might have worked a deal together for the upcoming BlackBerry Passport smartphone. The image shows a BlackBerry Passport handset with the T-Mobile logo at the back. We should find out more later this month after the device is announced officially by BlackBerry.

T-Mobile announced that it was going to stop selling BlackBerry? Oh Babu, you’re so mistaken. Here, take a moment and read this here. Add a little perspective for you?

Ok, so the image may be doctored, but it doesn’t change the fact that BlackBerry kicked this guy to the curb

The handset has been leaked multiple times since a long time now and we know almost everything about it. But for some strange reason, BlackBerry will not be announcing the device until the 24th September. The BlackBerry 10.3 OS update as well as the BlackBerry Classic smartphone the event will be taking place simultaneously in Toronto, London and Dubai.

I have a feeling there is very very much you don’t know about the Passport Babu, in fact, I’m positive there is much you don’t know about a lot of things in this world.

The BlackBerry Passport will be running the new BB10.3 OS and comes with a combined physical keyboard and a touch-sensitive trackpad.

See, you just proved my point.

Babu has obviously not looked at any of the numerous leaks that he speaks of, or didn’t comprehend them, or he may just be purposely trolling BlackBerry, or he may just be an inept blogger. Any which way you look at it, this is an article that has earned Babu his spot Under The Bridge.

And in what I am seeing with increasing frequency, if you look down in the comments of the article, not only will you see commenters with a much greater understanding of the subject, but you’ll also notice many of our UTB family.

xBurk: BlackBerry is much more than devices. Even so, four new BB10 devices will be out before Christmas. You should really do some research before making such claims. The positive moves Mr. Chen has made is too long to list. Plus, that photo has been out for a very long time and brings no merit what so ever. Anyways, BlackBerry is right on track to one of the biggest comebacks in tech history. Again, instead of writing what you think is true, take the time to actually research what is true. Shame anyone can write this garbage and get away with it.

Web99: The author of this article clearly lacks knowledge and has not done an ounce of research before posting the article. People have been predicting the death of BlackBerry since 2011, but 3 years later it is still around. The company that you referred to as dying and a sinking ship has no debt and $3.1 billion in cash and reported a profit the last quarter. The other thing you need to realize is that CEO John Chen has transformed BlackBerry into a diversified company. So it is no longer totally dependent on handset sales. BlackBerry since it is a diversified company only needs to sell 10 million handsets a year for its handset division to return a profit.

Bastakiatavich: This may qualify as the most unfounded “article” I have ever read. Packed full of bias opinion and and aimed at painting BlackBerry in poor light. I actually feel bad for you after having read this.
One of the 0%

Nik: you realize that BlackBerry dumped tmo, not the other way around….. your quite short on facts and long on unsubstantiated rhetoric.

It’s something that we are noticing more and more, the people that tend to come and interact here at UTB, are also those that will head out and about and defend the brand that we love so dearly. And that’s why one of the many names that we have been throwing around, seems so fitting. I’m throwing my vote for United Through BlackBerry, I can’t think of a more fitting description for our little community. But don’t tell Grim, he’ll have his whole Temple after me!


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