Vivino – one great Wine app for Android and BB10!

If you enjoy wine nearly as much as I do here is the perfect App! I’ve been using Vivino for years – loaded the .apk onto my Passport via a store I had Googled. Now with the PRIV and DTEK50 you can download it directly from Google Play. This app provides everything- once you create an account you can take pics of your collection and add-in where you bought it, price, and once you drink it a rating. If the app does not recognize the label it allows you to enter the details manually. The functionality of this app boggles the mind!! According to Google Play Vivino-

Take a photo of any wine label to uncork pricing, ratings, reviews, food paring suggestions and recommendations from the biggest community of more than 10 million wine lovers.

• Get to know any wine in seconds with a simple scan of a wine label
• Dining out? Take a photo of the wine list to see the ratings and reviews
• Remember the best and worst of wines and discover new favorites
• Find the best wine deals and buy online
• Get an overview of your personal taste profile and learn about the wines you love


With the latest update to version 8.11.5 you can pay for your wine using Android Pay

There is a Premium version for $4.99 per month (or 49.99 per year) that includes just about every option you could think of.

Why not head over to Google Play and download/upgrade Vivino here





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  • Jope28

    Made it seem like it had a native BB10 version.
    It’s misleading in the title.

    • razrrob

      It can easily be sideloaded by those with desire and minimal Tech know-how


    • Anthony

      BB10 has an Android player. It’s quite okay to recommend good Android apps for BB10 devices.

      • deltact

        Agreed. Some well-designed Android apps work better than their “native BB10” versions, especially those that are website wrappers or were made in Adobe Air.


    I’ll give it a try. I wonder how well it can identify South African wines which are most common in my country, Zambia.