New Startup is Creating a Vision-Powered Checkout System

Cashiers beware. Your days are numbered as a vision-powered checkout is on the horizon.

Standard Cognition is reporting another $5m in funding for their startup that aims to change the landscape of retail transactions. Through utilizing sophisticated camera software, this company wants to further de-personalize the consumer experience.

A series of cameras tracking customers’ movements will recognize the items selected from the shelves, working in tandem with an app will track the customers purchases and automatically charge them as they leave the store.

Standard Cognition promises privacy and security as part of their business model is localized servers. This means the data will be wiped once the customer is out of range. Furthermore, the camera tech does not include facial recognition. It is targeted to the items in the store, with the mobile application presumably communicating purchasing info for the customer.

There are lots of variables and questions at this point, but one thing I’m sure of: I’d feel more secure if QNX powered this engine.


Erica Davis

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