VIP Passports Being Shipped


Everyone that has a VIP Passport on back order should have received a very special e-mail today. Your orders are being shipped! More importantly, what could have come across as a very terse form letter, was written in a very personable way!

Everyone !

Thank you so much for putting up with all the confusion around the VIP orders.  I want to assure you that we are sending your orders. All people in the US should be getting their products shipped at the latest today. For Canadian offers, we will be getting them out Monday ,Tuesday. They have to go through customs.

With the shipments, you want to get official shipment confirmation email with the tracking information  – but we can’t do that quite yet.

Some of you might know that the VIP products were associated with a promotion and that they were set up for immediate charge. Well, with immediate charge comes no automated shipping tracking information.

We have started working to get the information. Then we will send each one of you your tracking link. It may take a couple of days to get the information for each of your orders, but we will send confirmation emails at the end of each day – until everyone gets one.

I know this is one more round of frustration – and I hope you have one last bit of patience for us.

Of course, if you don’t, my email and contact information are below.

Please let me know if someone you know should get this email. I will resend it to them personally.

And while this email doesn’t look like an official BlackBerry email, it is an official BlackBerry email. :)

You’ve been the best fans ever.


Marie Sheel

Director, Ecommerce,


3460 161st St SE

Bellevue, WA 98108



PIN: xxxxxxxx

Wow! Talk about a personal touch! It’s nice to be reminded that there are real people that work at BlackBerry, real people that care about the fans that have been rooting for them all along.

And early congratulations to you future VIP Passport owners! Let us know what you think when you receive them!


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