Viewing The Genome On A BlackBerry Passport


When the Passport was announced one of it’s stated functions was to compliment BlackBerry’s partnership with NantHealth. Indeed, BlackBerry themselves made a pretty big deal about how the width of the Passport would aid Health Professionals in doing their jobs to maximum efficiency. To illustrate the point, Inside BlackBerry showed an X-Ray of the chest cavity prior to release, a picture, of course, lovingly mocked at the time by our old friends at BGR.

passport lungs

But now NantHealth and BlackBerry are putting flesh on the bones, so to speak. As reported by I Know Today, in a recent interview at Forbes Healthcare Summit John Chen and NantHealth’s Patrick Soon-Shiong showed off just why it’s so smart not just to ‘Work Wide’ but also to be secure.

Lemme put it this way, the thought of an Apple or Android device staring at your DNA is enough to make anyone shudder, never mind the fact that the battery would go mid-operation…


BlackBerry Passport app allows viewing genomes

At the Forbes Healthcare Summit 2014 BlackBerry CEO John Chen and NantHealth CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong revealed NantHealth’s new app that will allow doctors to view genomes via a secure phone, like the Blackberry Passport. According to Crackberry, BlackBerry surprised everyone by investing in NantHealth in April but John Chen noted that investments in companies such as NantHealth were a part of BlackBerry’s future plans due to the unique advantages they have in the healthcare industry:

‘The future of BlackBerry lies in creative opportunities like this that take our many core disciplines and combine them in ways no one else can match. Healthcare is one of the key industries in which we have unique advantages and this investment reflects our commitment to maximize our opportunities there.’

During an interview with Forbes Media Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes, John Chen gave a description of the Blackberry Passport, a much wider phone than we are used to (it has the exact same size as a physical passport) that is highly secure and able to handle large amounts of data. Later, Patrick Soon-Shiong held up the phone as it loaded an analysis of a sample genome from the cloud.

NantHealth aims to focus on selling hospital systems on a system that will connect all of their devices and records together to create real-time dashboards for administrators and doctors. When asked about when NantHealth would go public, Soon-Shiong first announced that it would happen “this year” and then talked about the charitable trust he will be creating. But later he confirmed backstage that by “this year” he actually meant 2015. ”I’m already in next year,” he laughed.

Soon-Shiong tweeted earlier that he was excited about an upcoming joint announcement with BlackBerry but he didn’t elaborate on the matter. Now we do know what it was all about. However, we will learn more about this on Sunday during a 60 Minutes broadcast with a full announcement arriving at CES in Las Vegas.

Of course, to those in the rectangular dark ages like our friend Hunter Skipworth the Passport is just a ‘square monstrosity’. To those who actually have a brain, it’s a life saving tool that could just revolutionise healthcare.

All this plus you can play all your favourite games and you get all your social media apps too?

If you haven’t made the leap from one of those inferior OS’s yet, isn’t it time you stopped being blinded by yesterday and got yourself #BackToBlack?

Better buy a BlackBerry.


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  • Excellent post Biggs. And Chen is really and truly a brilliant CEO. He is taking BBRY in a direction towards profitability and I can’t wait to see the results of the NantHealth partnership. Sometimes it takes a little vision and imagination to see the value of a strategy. Maybe Boy Genius (so hard to type that) and Hunter Skipworth (where do these names come from?) need to focus on something more simple like the best platform for a fart app, in order to keep up.

  • BB Racer !!

    What stops medical decisions in there tracks is Out of Control Medical Costs !

    The question is not if the current medical treatment Will or Will-not work ?

    This Will or Will-not work question has always been the medical debate which is based on medical scientific evidence.

    The two BIG question’s that should be asked are !

    1- Do I have all the evidence based data of the cost time allocation of my medical resources & the medical treatment plan of actions Correct ?

    2- Do the medical professionals & medical organizations have secure efficient access to this medical data to make evidence based medical decisions for positive patient medical outcomes and make cost time allocation decisions of their medical resources ?

    The NantHealth Blackberry Partnership provides an efficient & secure multi-channel communications platform solution to provide medical professionals & medical facilities the ability to implement a secure, productive & cost effective evidence based Medical Plan of Action !

  • jrohland

    I saw the 60 Minutes story. It was OK but BlackBerry barely got a mention. Of course the cancer industry in the US does not want to see this technology work. They make too much money off cancer to have it be ended.

  • BB Racer !!

    No worries if Cancer will be ended, it’s how it’s going to be treated and then reclassify it as a disorder ! If drug ABC works it will be used but with a more understood protocol and plan of action.