Vietnamese Z3 vs Z10 Comparison Video Emerges Online

Z3 vsZ10

An interesting video has been posted online showing a comparison workout between the Z3 and the Z10.

In this case the Z10 in question is either a Dev Alpha or someone has got a hold of that rather lovely red backing that made them such hot property at the time.

Bear in mind that you are watching last year’s PREMIUM device in the Z10 (which, I think it would be fair to say, battery life sometimes excepted, many of us are STILL more than happy with, it’s a cracking phone) vs this years BUDGET device in the Z3.

When you take that into consideration the Z3 is a belter.

It’s a long video so hang on in there, the Z10 loads faster at the beginning but the Z3 more than comes into it’s own as the footage rolls on…

Techrum – Z3 vs Z10 Comparison

One last thing to say is this…

They’re both damn sexy!


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  • newcollector

    Nice to see how the Z3 performs next to a Z10. BlackBerry has some great devices out for us consumers and looks like they are hitting the Z3 target market bull’s-eye. BlackBerry is coming back strong! Excited to hear about the sell through numbers when they are released.

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Wow. That limited edition z10 doesn’t look so special now. BlackBerry did a sweet job on the z3.