Video – Getting Started With USB On The Go


If you’ve heard the acronym “USBOTG” (Universal serial bus, on the go), but weren’t sure what it was exactly and/or just what you could do with it, read on.


Mobile devices have had the capability of using USBOTG for a few years now. For the Z30, Passport, and Classic this feature can be very useful indeed.

In this video I’ll show you how to connect a wireless mouse, wired keyboard, USB flash drive, and a USB hard drive.

Let’s have a look shall we?

There are other peripherals that I would like to connect such as an audio capture device for recording in the field will have to wait. The USB port on the Passport is capable of audio, but at this time it is not enabled in software/OS quite yet.

That being said, there are generic drivers built-in to BlackBerry 10 that can provide connectivity for a veritable cornucopia of devices/peripherals.

Flexibility, productivity, and freedom await you!

Do you use, or have you tried any peripherals on your handset? If so, sound off in the comments with your experience, and peripheral type!



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