BlackBerry Software: Securing the Enterprise of Things (video)

Yesterday, BlackBerry posted a new video to their official YouTube Channel.

Software is the new BlackBerry. BlackBerry smartphones are the new BlackBerry Mobile. There’s been a lot of excitement over the last few weeks as we approach the reveal of the newest member of the BlackBerry smartphone family from BlackBerry Mobile. Let’s not forget what the original BlackBerry is working on, securing the Enterprise of Things (EoT).

Now, I know that may be a confusing idea to many. What is the EoT? Where do I see it? What does it do. Well, it could be so many things that we touch and deal with throughout our regular days. Which makes it even more difficult for us to pin down. BlackBerry’s newest video gives an impression of some of those things.

I’ve got to say, I really like the videos BlackBerry. Image after image of the various ways that BlackBerry’s EoT will, and is, interacting with our lives, on a global scale. The steady bump of the background music, building to a never quite there crescendo matches the BlackBerry story. It’s building. It’s building to something big. We haven’t seen it reach it’s full potential yet, but we know it will be amazing when it does.

Enterprise of Things


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