Victory For #BlackBerryUnleashed! Vive La Revolution! One Down, Three To Go…

John Did A Good Thing!
John Did A Good Thing!

Ok, so today T-Mobile US released meaning that their customers now have a #BlackBerryUnleashed (if not a Z30 yet, we’ll get to that one next!)

This is a victory, a victory for #BlackBerryUnleashed, a cross-site campaign started but a few days ago and launched upon an unsuspecting rabble of US carriers who had retrenched into an anti-BlackBerry position that was, in effect, an anti-BlackBerry cartel, locked down and refusing to budge.

However, one has broken free from the pack. No surprise who it is, looking at his past history and claims of ‘listening to customers’ but this is the second time John Legere has been subject to a BlackBerry Twitter campaign and he knows how these go.

He is not daft. And he has proven that WE can make a difference. Because this is a victory for everyone who has read this Blog, for everyone who ever Tweeted or ReTweeted the hashtag #BlackBerryUnleashed and for those who joined the Thunderclap which they knew was coming.

With John being ‘out there’ we have had the benefit of communicating with the man himself, whatever his motives (and they are all self-driven, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they align with ours!) but we don’t have that benefit with the others.

Whilst T-Mobile US are very customer sensitive because they claim to be so this sort of thing would hurt, the other US carriers are far from so.

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint execs continue to hide behind their poor support staff who face the brunt of our anger.

So be it.

#BlackBerryUnleashed is far from finished @Verizon, @ATT, @Sprint…

It’s only just begun.

Let them know your anger.

Tweet #BlackBerryUnleashed to @Verizon, @ATT and @Sprint today.

Even if that’s all you send.

They know what it is.

It works.

Do it.

Vive La (BlackBerry) Revolution.


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  • shanerredflag

    Their strategy is puzzling to me, perhaps an enterprise play? In any case…well written post, keep em coming. :) locco_smiley_10

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Very kind, don’t worry, lot’s more to come.

      We’re nowhere near finished yet…