Verizon to Boot Users Who Hit the Limit on Their Unlimited Plan


Unlimited data plans are reaching the end of days at Verizon Wireless. And it shall be a harsh ending.

Verizon has not offered unlimited plans since 2011, however there are still some users who have maintained their old unlimited plans. A few of these grandfathered users, have pushed Verizon past it’s unlimited limit.

Users who go over the now magic 100GB limit will be flagged as an “extraordinary” user. You don’t want to be extraordinary. Those extraordinary users will find themselves with two options, downgrade to a new limited data plan, or have their phone disconnected.

Verizon had got in to some trouble before for throttling user data after a certain point. They surely can’t do that again, and instead have chosen just to disconnect those data abusing users.

Users will find themselves disconnected on Sept 1st, however will have 50 days to reinstated their accounts.





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