Verizon Offer’s Unlimited Data

Verizon brings back unlimited data.

Verizon stopped offering unlimited data plans to it’s customers back in 2011. There were still plenty of customers on grandfathered plans that still had it though. It was only last year that Verizon created a breakoff point for those grandfathered plans, flagging those customers that used over 100GB and booting them off of the plan. Now, suddenly, out of the blue, Verizon brings back unlimited data.

In my opinion, this is a sign that Verizon is finally starting to feel the heat of competition in the carrier space, which is something I haven’t really seen before. Verizon has long been the biggest carrier in the US, stating that they have the best coverage, and they’ve seemingly been satisfied with that. We haven’t seen them competing in terms of price or service, even while their competitors offer increasingly better plans at better prices. Verizon is finally stepping up to the challenge.

The new unlimited plan, is much like what you’ll find on AT&T. For $80 a month, the customer get’s unlimited data on one phone line, additional lines cost $45 each a month with a maximum of four more lines. Once a user hits 22 GB of data, we can plan on speeds slowing down, or in Verizon’s terms, “may prioritize usage behind other customers in the event of network congestion.”

Good to see Verizon finally stepping up to the plate with the customers. Now, will we ever see Verizon ditch CDMA? Please?




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