Vast Mobile Market Growth: BlackBerry, TCL, ZTE, etc.

“HTF market Intelligence Consulting” is an accessing company which provides a next-generation service for organizations with a deep focus on market intelligence, data analytics & social intelligence.

In a recent business intelligence report designated “The Global Mobile Phone Assembly Market Size, Status & Forecast for 2019-2025” they concluded a study in market size, market hopes, and competitive environments. The analysis derived through these data was sourced from both qualitative & quantitative entities. The report presents a “Market ready” landscape which is very competitive and provides a consistent in-depth analysis of the major key players in the Mobile market today. Some of the major companies in the market profiled in this study are Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, BlackBerry, Apple, HTC, TCL, Flextronics, ZTE, Huawei & G’Five International.


If you are a company which has a high demand in the Mobile Phone Assembly Industry then this study from HTF Market Intelligence Consulting provide a complete point of view on up-to-date segments of the smartphone assembly market. The dynamic behind such a study initiative is to help understand which Market segments on assembly status they should focus their efforts & investments on for maximum growth and broader profitability. The segments that gear into attention are: by Application (Smart Phone & Feature Phone), by Type (External, Display, Panel, Key Battery, Cato Camera, Bolt & Speaker) and by Regions & Countries (United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Central & South America.


What is interesting about the report is that it brings us the core assessment in that the extent is calculated in an all-inclusive timeframe from 2019 to 2025.  Which convey us to the report portfolio of BlackBerry Ltd relating to their commitment to trademark manufacturing of mobile phones.  If this can be seen as a guideline, the report strongly stipulates affirmative involvement from BlackBerry Ltd & TCL in a long term pledge as a manufacturing partnership. We will definitely be seeing new software & hardware design assurance from BlackBerry & TCL and brand new device management on the mobile horizon. May the legacy of BlackBerry go from strength to strength!

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