Value for value model that isn’t any better value.

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If you ask many bargain hunters, we have something we call ‘best bargain’.

For some others we have a ‘value for value’ model. It’s a simple concept where you pay a sum for what you believe the value is. You let other people know and they spread the word, and with more people asking for the same thing it generates a better value, but it is still up to the said individual to determine what is the value. We know that different people have different values and preferences. One value/preference is the idea that privacy is nothing, and they have nothing to fear from ‘Big Brother’ if they are not doing anything that is wrong. Unfortunately that is not acceptable to me. I prefer not to have my personal information bouncing around the interweb without my knowledge or consent. And that means being wary of the hardware and services I choose.

If you know Xiaomi you maybe one of those bargain hunters that want the best bang for buck, and mind you, Xiaomi used to be one, and in certain cases still is. Unless privacy is in your priority. Then any Android phone isn’t for you.

And that’s where I’m willing to pay good money for a BlackBerry that will not leak anything to third party without my consent, and definitely not behind my back without my knowledge, being in the dark about the security and privacy of my data that I choose to let out or not. Because I refuse to be a commodity for the advertisers and data miners. And if leaking information isn’t any worse, it’s the Chinese. They will milk every iota of data because they can make it useful.

No, this isn’t a scaremongering tactic. I am a Chinese on my DNA, but I’m not a Chinese by nationality.

But I do know how certain sections in the Chinese society and their ways, first-hand account, and I know they will downplay this, but in the end the real losers are you and your personal data for choosing an Android.

While BlackBerry can run ~98% of Android apps (in a safe and secure sandbox) it isn’t Android and there is no need to worry because you can always tell a BlackBerry what information you want to share, and what information you don’t want to share.

And no matter how, BlackBerry gives you the value for value that you are paying for.

  • Chopachain

    BB10os makes the andriod operating system obselete but not the apps. By rights all andriod manufacturers should be clamouring to have BB10 os on their devices except of course Google. BB10 being the best of both worlds. They have the devices and we have the OS. Just a thought.