Utilizing AtHoc During a Healthcare Crisis

Stethoscope and EKG

The recent outbreak of the Zika virus in Central and South America has put into stark light the importance of mass communication in the healthcare field. This is the theme of the latest chapter in AtHoc’s continuing series on utilizing its networked crisis communication system in corporate environments to help keep people informed and safe. The need is clear:

70% of treatment delays, unexpected deaths, and serious injuries in hospitals stem from poor communications

Therefore, AtHoc takes its focus to the field of healthcare. They spotlight how effective communication can alert, assist, and assuage employees. AtHoc further discusses the need for preparation, stating four main components of having a comprehensive mass communication network: “two-way communication, multi-channel capability, scalability, mobile capability.” These four components, when combined, allow any healthcare system, whether it has one location or several, keep their staff informed and moving quickly in the light of any daily need or immediate crisis.

AtHoc further offers a specific example of a large scale healthcare system that utilizes their system, Kaiser Permanente. This agency employs the software for healthcare needs as well as human resource and IT notifications, allowing it to become a truly comprehensive resource to disseminate and notify personnel of any affecting event.

AtHoc continues to show its distinction in the field of mass communication and networked notification. You can read more at their website about how AtHoc helps executives, businesses, healthcare professionals, staff, and emergency responders stay connected and collaborative in their efforts to promote safety and security.

Erica Davis

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