UTB Week in Review (June 15 – 21)

(courtesy of rimarkable.com)
(courtesy of rimarkable.com)

Hello folks, once again it’s time to recap the week- and what a week it’s been!


BBM Protected Launched Today!

The Benefits of BBM Protected

The Tide Turning – Thank You John Chen For Bringing The Pride Back To BlackBerry

Super Secure Communication

BlackBerry Z3 To Launch In India On June 25th

Share BBM Channel Posts!

WSJ – BlackBerry To Preload Amazon Appstore For BlackBerry 10

*Update*BBM Update For iPhone and Android

This Week Of All Weeks! Show Your Support! Join The Great BlackBerry Thunderclap!

Too Little Too Big? A Case For The BB10 Slider

….And The Results Are In!!

John Chen and a Tale of Two BlackBerrys – Supporting Partnerships, Splitting Priorities and Spreading Risk.

BlackBerry sends short-sellers scrambling

Ghost Contacts Now Available in BBWorld

It is Time to be Concerned

As If The Week Couldn’t Get Any Better… UTB App Update Is Here!

The Great BlackBerry Thunderclap… Update!

Z30 Upgrade Promo For India!

The Amazon App Store Deal – Threat Or Opportunity For Native Devs?

Phew! I Will Always Have a BlackBerry

Control Your Chromecast with Cast for BlackBerry

UTB EXCLUSIVE! Hands On With The BlackBerry Passport!

BlackBerry Z3 Set To Launch In Malaysia 24th June? South Africa Soon?

Amazon App Store, Why Wait?

BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s Interview on Bloomberg

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kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • ray689

    Wow busy week.

    • razrrob

      Now there’s an understatement!!
      These folks can really crank out the BlackBerry goodness – so why go anywhere else?

  • Blackjack

    Wow that was all in one week?
    I’m still coming down from my high.

    Wait you forgot about BlackBerry ‘shafting developers” locco_smiley_1

    The best is yet to come! Go BlackBerry!

    • razrrob

      The highly paid staff at UTBblogs.com may have been slightly over-caffeinated anticipating the quarterly Earnings Report. Oh wait, there is no salary at UTB, guess I’ll have to put that gold Amazon Fire on layaway….

      • MePiikan LzBolaz

        I don’t know about you but I get paid in promises of gum. I have this HUGE stack of Orange flavored Bubblicious I.O.U’s. Maybe someone will give me an iPhone or S5 to use as a paper weight.

        • razrrob

          MePiikan, problem is they’re both fire hazards, so that’s not a good idea