UTB Week in Review (July 6th – 12th)

(courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)
(courtesy of en.wikipedia.org)

Hello again, our writers have been quite busy this week covering all things Blackberry-

You’ve Just Crossed Over Into the Twilight Zone.

If Only John Chen Had Released The BlackBerry Z30…

247WallSt.com – ‘This Is The Flag Of The USA!’

BlackBerry and BES10: Secure Mobile Computing for ABUHB

At Last! Nigeria Next For The BlackBerry Z3!

Security Leader G4S Argentina Selects BES10 for Secure EMM

MidasLetter ‘Time To Ditch iPhone And Go Back To BlackBerry’

BlackBerry Awesome, Good Not So Much

Battery Life BB10, IOS 7,8, Android flavour of the day

South African Students first impressions of the NEW BlackBerry Z3 smartphone!

Bharucha & Partners Upgrades its Smartphones and Management Solution to BlackBerry 10

Monomeros Colombo Venezolanos S.A. Upgrades to BES10

The Internet of Things And Blackberry’s Project Ion

Vote #ProBlackBerry

Zeroing In On Security

BBM For Windows Phone Now In Private Beta

How To Show BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Fact Check – FOR THE WIN!!

Square Logic – BlackBerry Blog Looks at Passport’s Design

$BBRY – BlackBerry Stock Surges To 9 Month High – Why?


That pretty much does it for this week – and don’t forget to head over to the Forums to catch the latest or feel free to submit an article if there’s something you’d like to share or clarify


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