UTB Week in Review (August 3rd – August 9th)

BlackPhone HACKED???
BlackPhone HACKED???


Hello, strap yourself in for another news filled week in the wild, wild world of BlackBerry!


We DO NOT Need Google Services


Was The BlackPhone Hacked?


Stop Hugging Walls and Buy a BlackBerry Z30!


Samsung Not Wall Huggers? Well, If You Include Standby Time…


Don’t Fear the FB Messenger App! Buy BlackBerry!


International Business Times… *Face-palm*


Black Hat USA Shares Even More iOS Exploits


BlackBerry Blend – A First Sight Of The Internet of Things?


British Government Ban Apple Due To Security Fears


UTB Stickers – How Do You Use Yours?


Would You Trust Someone With No Integrity With Your Security?


BGR Predicts BlackBerry Passport Will Sell Out Immediately


Apple Now So Ashamed Of iPhone Performance Screenshots Are Rigged


Just How Much Fleecing Can Apple Users Take?


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SC Magazine Names BES10 A Best Buy


FC Barcelona BBM Stickers now available!


HUB++ LED Notification Update Brings Fully Redesigned UI and More


Another Government Shows Apple The Door – You Listening Ford?




BlackBerry Obtains Government Approval for Multi-Platform Management


BBM for WP Gets Updated!


App Review; Wallpaper Changer HD


UTB EXCLUSIVE – Verizon To Begin Throttling ‘Unlimited Plans’


Rev Grim Preaches – Time To Educate The iGnorant


The Gathering Storm – Why Customers Are Ditching Android For BlackBerry


TrackPad Editior: A “Classic” Feel Without the Wait.


QNX: From Potholes to IoT


“I Wouldn’t Say It If It Wasn’t True”


More Evidence of Google’s Play Store Vetting Process


Is BlackBerry Buying Secusmart, Or?


Apple Beats Innovation


App Spotlight: Picture Diary


BlackBerry10. The “Red Pill” Of Operating Systems.


Chalk Up Yet Another Win To QNX and Why It Matters


BBMC Spotlight: Channel Battle 


Internet of Things 


Sony WALKMAN App Spices Up Your Music Collection 


That pretty much does it for this week – and don’t forget to head over to the Forums to catch the latest or sound-off, also feel free to submit an article if there’s something you’d like to share or clarify.


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