UTB Week in Review (Aug 17th – Aug 23rd)

(courtesy of MesterRobb)
(courtesy of MesterRobb)


The writers here at UTB have certainly been putting pen to paper this week. Below are links to their efforts- enjoy!


Android (Apps) to Rule Them All?

Android Hits The End Of The Road (In The West)

UTB Helps – What To Do With Your New iPhone

A Porsche Design device is probably not meant for you, and that’s okay.

Is there a high end full touch problem? I don’t think so.

BlackBerry Wins Patent Infringement Case

Ryan Seacrest Backed Typo Faces Possible Contempt of Court Charges

No Point In Camping Out For An iPhone 6 It Seems

Rev Grim Preaches – These iPhonians Are A Risk To Us All!

Redbox on BlackBerry 10…Finally!

BlackBerry 10 is WORLDS BEST MOBILE OS: Review

BProfile Receives a Small Update.

Android, Windows and iOS, Oh My!

Does The Passport Have A Surprise In Store?

The Passport Has No Killer Application, Huh? Take A Look At This…

Facebook For BB10 Updated In The Beta Zone

UTB has a friend in Chris Bibey !

Gadget Review: BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Adobe Air- fare thee well (Feb 2008 – Sept 2014???)

BlackBerry is Listening and Following Through

BlackBerry Passport – Turning Heads As The Tide Turns?

Reddit in Motion gets Updated.

DailyTech Gets It All Wrong

Brand Loyalty… What Are Your Top 3 Favs?

Rev Grim Preaches – Do I Have To Be In EVERY Phone Store?

‘I Can Run The Country By BlackBerry’ Says UK Prime Minister

BlackBerry Z30 For $0 At Rogers, Telus and Bell

BlackJack’s Top Ten list of Ways to look Stupid in Public

Imitation and Flattery…..really?

Can iPhone 6 Save Apple’s Falling Market Share

Free Disney Games!

Another Step in John Chen’s Diversification Strategy

Turning Good News Into Bad

Medical Security – 4.5 MILLION people hacked

BlackBerry Creates BlackBerry Technology Solutions

Opinion: Looking at the Future of Tablets

What Happens When We Don’t Want Apps Any Longer?

Adthief Affects Over 75,000 iOS Devices

Australia Needs Secusmart

BlackBerry Passport’s Scheduled Launch In Singapore: ON TIME


That pretty much does it for this week – and don’t forget to head over to the Forums to catch the latest or sound-off, also feel free to submit an article if there’s something you’d like to share or clarify.

Until next week….


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