UTB PSA – What to do if you think you’re part of the Yahoo! Hack

The latest tech news concerns the extent of the Yahoo! hack. As Jon and Brad had previously written, this hack eclipses all others and may be a result of the vulnerabilities introduced when Marissa Mayer, CEO chose to drop BlackBerry for ‘fun phones’. Beyond Home Depot, Yahoo!, and Sony I’m sure there are other corporations who have switched away from BlackBerry only to find they’ve been hacked at a later date. Until the time that Corporate Information Officers/Corporate Security Officers are held accountable for their decisions (the same way in which other corporate officers are held accountable for their decisions) this behavior will continue and your personal data will be vulnerable.

When a large scale hack occurs (Target, Avaya, Anthem, etc) the consumer takes a triple-hit. They lose their privacy when their personal information is leaked, they may have to pay more for products and services as the corporation is hit with fines, legal fees, and settlements, and they lose confidence in the corporations ability to safely and securely store their personal information. On the flip side corporations may claim that they were exercising their fiduciary responsibility as they had found a less expensive method to secure their enterprise data. At the end of the day a bean-counter must weigh the advantage of a less expensive system versus a more secure, locked down system – factoring in all the costs, including data breaches, loss of stock valuation when a breach becomes public, loss of customers, loss of revenue, etc… , not just the annual cost of implementing and maintaining system ‘A’ versus system ‘B’.

Thanks to Forbes here are a few things you should do if you think you may have been a part of the 1,500,000,000 people who’s data is vulnerable.

1) perform a quick Google search to ascertain whether you have a Yahoo! account

2) if you do have an account please change your password ASAP! Change your security questions and answers. Finally, enable 2-step verification, if possible.

As long as hackers find value in breaching corporations your data may not be safe. Isn’t it time you told the corporations you deal with-



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