UTB Networks Welcomes This Just In News!

In the words of George Costanza, “Worlds are colliding!”

You may have noticed an oddly placed post in your feed. Something that looked a little out of place perhaps? Maybe one of your favorite BBM Channels showing up on another of your favorite BBM Channels? Well, in case you were wondering. Yes, that just happened. And I would like to welcome This Just In News to UTB Networks.

UTB Blogs has gone through several changes over the years. At one point, it was simply a BlackBerry fan blog. But I had bigger hopes, and had hopes of a network of sites. We even started a sister site UTB Geek for geek news, and another site, UTB Networks, for podcasts. Well, it turns out running a site takes a bit more time than I had to give. Running multiple sites, takes even more time. Last year, we merged all of these sites, into our first, and primary site UTB Blogs. We even added a few others that I had hoped to add in the future. Everything we wanted to do, in one location, seemed like a better plan, for both UTB Bloggers, and for our readers.

UTB Networks held a special place for me. It could be so much more than just podcasts, but it could also be much more than just UTB. UTB Networks is our home for creator owned content. Yes, you will find the UTB Blogcast here, but you will also find the Talking Geek podcast, which I am half of, and the Simple Security podcast created and owned by Roy. And now, you will find This Just In News with Dave Weirdoh himself!

This Just In News is the perfect entry for creator owned content on UTB. After all, the Dave Weirdoh series of videos started the same place which UTB Blogs did, on BBM Channels. One of the few channels out there that actually provides all original content, I am more than excited to be able to partner and share that original content here on our site. Most importantly, the admin of the channel has been a big part of the BBMC and BlackBerry community since BBM Channels arrived.

This Just In News is a satirical News show, starring Dave Weirdoh, an excitable fellow that has been described by some, as plush, as well as a host of special guests.

Please take a moment to welcome Dave Weirdoh and This Just In News to UTB Networks. Watch his latest video here.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and catch up on past videos here.

And be sure to join the primary home for on BBM Channels (PIN C0042D5CD)

Welcome aboard Weirdoh!


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