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It’s been a quiet holiday weekend here in the US and Canada – what better time to remind our readers of the UTB Network?

It has been quiet. Very quiet. Here in the US and Canada it’s been a holiday weekend, and mobile tech news has gone fairly quiet. We’ve had our feelers out and ears open, but we’re not really finding much in the way of news. I should say interesting news. We are hearing a lot about the new iPhone, if you can really call it new. Let’s paraphrase the news quickly so we can get past it.

The new iPhone will be announced soon. This week right? It will look like the old iPhone. It will do the same thing as the old iPhone. It will be faster, as new phones should be (they’re really pushing this, aren’t they?), it will have new colors (how innovative). It will be missing the headphone jack, won’t have dual speakers as originally thought, and the home button is no longer a button. Oh, and one model will have dual cameras. So, there’s something new for iPhones, even if it’s not new in the world of mobile tech. Which is exactly what we should have all expected from iPhone.

So what is new with UTB? Not much really. We’re doing what we always do. And plan to keep doing. We are maintaining the number one fansite for BlackBerry fans, just waiting for the next burst of news to get us rolling again, and working on our fun little side projects in the mean time.

What’s that? You don’t know about our side projects? Where have you been?! Let me just talk about each of our sites then.



UTB Blogs

UTB Blogs is what started it all. It’s our home. Our love of BlackBerry is what made this group a group of friends, and it’s what turned a bunch of forum dwellers into bloggers.

UTB Blogs has a few rules, and we feel that we’ve done pretty well at sticking to them. We wish to support BlackBerry. We will promote BlackBerry. We will not tarnish the name of BlackBerry in order to further our own traffic or income.

In our early quest for content, we expanded our horizons a bit more than those that share our category. Primarily, we don’t speak only about BlackBerry. There is a lot of news in the mobile space that we feel doesn’t get the media attention it deserves. For instance, while you will read about a small drop in BlackBerry’s stock price across all tech and business sites, you typically will not find a story about an Australian cyclist’s iPhone exploding in his shorts leaving him with third degree burns getting the same type of attention. We don’t make the news, we only report it, and we find there is a lot of news that the BlackBerry phone users would like to read about competing platforms. When we find it, we will share it.

You’re already here. There’s nothing to click!



UTB Forums

Our ultimate goal is to be the Number One Site for BlackBerry Fans. For us to be able to do that, we need to provide a place for fans to engage in discussion about their devices and brand of choice. That is, of course, UTB Blogs Forums. All of us here have spent a fair amount of time in forums across the internet. We know how badly forums can go downhill and recognize those often subtle things that people will do to make the forums that way. Our goal and promise has been to not let that happen here, and our forums have developed in to a fun little community.

UTB Forums is a place where BlackBerry users can talk about their devices without fear of having someone else come along and bash them for their choice. It is a place where users can find other people with interests like their own. We have had many agreements and disagreements within our forums, but the great thing is that those that have really put in the time, can do this while still showing respect to each other and sharing a camaraderie that only fans can share.

Whether you’re an brand new user still discovering what your phone can do, or a long time BlackBerry collector, we have a place, and a need for you. Have a question? Ask it here without fear of being yelled at for asking a question that has already been asked. Have knowledge? Come answer those questions! Want to chat about things that have nothing to do with BlackBerry? Trust me, we have plenty of sections for off topic conversations as well. And heck, we won’t even accuse you of padding posts or delete your threads for mentioning “the other guys”.

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UTB Geek

UTB Blogs is our reason for being. It is our cause. UTB Geek on the other hand is for fun. It’s a place where we can talk about those things outside the mobile phone world that interest us. It could be anything really, just whatever strikes our fancy at the moment.

Anyone that reads UTB Blogs should feel right at home at UTB Geek. We’ve mirrored the sites to look and function like each other. It makes it easier for us the bloggers, and for you the readers, by having the same experience across our sites.

UTB Geek is split into 5 categories.

  • Television & Movies
  • Gadgets & Technology
  • Comics & Books
  • Gaming & Toys
  • World of Geek

The first four categories should be rather self explanatory. World of Geek is for those other things that we geek out about, yet doesn’t really fall in to any of the previous categories. There are a couple of us that have been diving in to the Geek site, and let’s just say it’s been exactly what we set out for it to be. Fun. You’ll find we’re a bit less serious and a bit more opinionated there.

Stop by and say hi to a few familiar old faces writing about a few things that you won’t find us writing about on UTB Blogs.

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UTB Networks

This was originally set up to be only a back end site to host our various podcasts. Not much has changed there since we set it up except now it is public. You won’t find bloggers blogging there, but what you will find is all of our previous podcasts in audio format.

UTB Networks currently houses three ongoing podcast series:

UTB Blogcast, featuring an ever changing roster of UTB Bloggers talking about the week’s news of BlackBerry.

Geek*E featuring our very own Erica in her very own creator owned podcast where she speaks to guests about different geeky things.

Talking Geek with Mike & Brad featuring me and my old pal Mike as we talk about whatever topic has our attention that week.

I’m hoping for more series to come along. Have you missed a podcast, or just discovered one and want to listen to the old ones? You can stream or download them all right here.

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Talking Geek

Ok, I am hesitant to mention this here. The Talking Geek site is really just a landing page for the Talking Geek with Mike & Brad podcast. Everything you find here can be had either at UTB Geek or at UTB Networks, but that might change some day. The intention of the site is that both Mike and myself can write about different funny things that have caught our attention that doesn’t really fall under either the UTB Blogs or UTB Geek umbrellas. The only issue here is that there just really isn’t enough time in the day. Well, that, and the things that do catch our attention tends to be something that belongs on one of the other sites.

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So there you have it, the entire family of UTB sites and what they offer. We hope you’ll find something to interest you at one or more of them.

As always, if you have something you would like to add, we are fairly inclusive. Want to submit a one time article to one of the sites? Let us know, we can make it happen. Want to be a regular contributor? We may just have a place for you. Always wanted to run a podcast and need a home for it? We can help. As long as you share the one thing that binds us all together, be a BlackBerry fan.


Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs. Former BlackBerry Elite. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.