UTB MarketPlace – For Buying and Selling.

business-money-pink-coins-mediumHi folks. Need to sell a Blackberry device? Accessories perhaps? Looking to buy a good used device? Why not try UTB’s Market Place. It’s a great place to advertise that unused phone or accessory that you have lying around and get some money for it rather than letting it go to waste. Some people don’t have the luxury to afford a brand new device or may simply be looking at adding to their collection (I’ve been known to buy the odd second hand device to stick in my display cabinet, Lol). Best part is that it’s absolutely free to all members, but get in quick before Brad decides to charge a commission!! (Lol, just kidding).

Why not put a post in the UTB Market Place and let someone take advantage of grabbing a bargain, or simply helping out a fellow member. Keep an eye out for the odd bargain listed, you’ll never know what might turn up! We will even expand the ¬†Market Place to allow all kinds of stuff for a limited time to see how it goes. Bear in mind though, it needs to be small enough to post, as a lot of our members are all over the globe.

Looking for something in particular? Place a “Wanted to buy” listing as there may be someone out there that has what you are after but haven’t been bothered to list it themselves. You never know your luck. Perhaps even a “Wanted to trade” if that’s the way you want to go.

Remember to post a clear and honest description/condition of goods being offered, item location, price of goods with an indication of where you are willing to post to and an approximate amount. Post some pics of goods too, as this always helps in product description.

Members are also encouraged to leave a feedback comment in the post to let others know how the transaction went. We all want a safe community with trouble free transactions, so keep it honest and fun!!

To place an ad or to have a browse, visit the Market Place in the UTB Forums, you can find it here. Good luck and have fun!!

Disclaimer: Please note this is a bulletin board and UTB accepts no responsibility/liability for ads posted.