UTB is Seeking Common Sense Bloggers

The world has gone nuts, and common sense is a rarity.

Lets be honest, the news flow has slowed to a trickle here at UTB. There are a few reasons for that. Many of our contributors have become busy with their real life responsibilities. Many of our contributors have lost interest in those things they were interested in before, and have stepped away entirely. Other’s still seem to have found that they’re unable to continue working with those that may have different thoughts than their own. For some of us that have stayed, we have found it difficult to write on many of the hot topics of the day. The reason for that? The invasion of politics into every aspect of our life.

We have long held the belief that political discussion should be left off the site. Most of the news coming out of tech and entertainment today is seemingly motivated by politics. Even if it is not, media seems to be forcing political beliefs into them. Not only that, it seems that any form of common sense has left the building. Over the last two weeks, we have seen some of the most blatantly untrue, and unverified stories hit nearly every mainstream outlet. Stories which simple logic should have informed the outlets to question the scenario before running with it. But it seemed no one did. And it seemed that no one was asking the common sense questions which should have been asked. The result? We’re going to break away from the rules that have handicapped our output. We’re not going to let the invasion of politics slow our pace. We’ve always provided commentary about the things that interest us. We’ve provided commentary about products and ideas and statements that defy common sense. We intend to do the same in the future, however we’re not going to allow political commentary to slow us down. If there is nonsense being fed to us with a political stance, we’ll approach it the same way we would any other topic.

As for filling the empty space left by those that have left or been pulled away? We’re looking to fill those spots. We’re looking for common sense bloggers. For people that practice the art of logic, and that prefer to question what they are being told instead of looking to be spoon fed ideas. We are looking for people interested in technology, entertainment, gaming and security, that will not fall before an angry mob of political zealots in order to push a fake news agenda. If you have common sense, feel that you have the ability to apply logic, and would like to amplify your voice beyond an argument on social media, contact us. We might just have a spot for you.


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