UTB FACT CHECK: You Asked, We Answered!


Every since the inception of UTB, we have corrected misinformation about BlackBerry to no end.  In fact, I like to think we pioneered the “fact check”.  Well recently it was brought to my attention that a couple of former BlackBerry users (they like to call themselves bloggers) have made the switch away from BB10 and to another less productive device.

All is fine and dandy with that (if they want outdated tech) but they decided to give their reasons about why.  Again, not a big deal assuming you give valid points and not misinform the readers.  They did all this and didn’t expect a response?   Can anyone say attention grab?  So I guess the saying is true, be careful what you wish for.

One of the reasons (if you want to call them that) for leaving was that “Instagram does not work”.  I personally use iGrann which is actually a superior app but figured I would give Instagram a shot to see if what they stated was in fact true.  Low and behold, as you can see below, it actually works flawlessly.

At that point, their argument lost all credibility with me and many others.  A word of advice, if you are going to make something public, make sure that you have your facts straight otherwise the reaction  you get will not be what you were hoping for.  Or maybe it is exactly what they were hoping for?


  • web99

    Great post ray!

    There is no reason for them to spread misinformation regarding what they think BB10 cannot do.

    I have also been able to run Instagram on my Z10, Q10 and BlackBerry Passport devices.

    • ray689

      Agreed web. It speaks to the writer’s motives when they purposely spread lies and misinformation.

  • razrrob

    Nice post

    I’m not at all sure why the attention seekers felt the need to post their reasons to Twitter – maybe I’m just out of touch with the 20 somethings?? So when I changed my brand of shaving cream last month I guess that was something I should have shared on social media


    • ray689

      Don’t tell me you went with EDGE shave gel? Really? Come one :)

  • DLewis13

    Great article Ray. I use iGrann also. Amazing how some will give such misleading information just to get a little attention.

    • ray689

      Not to mention then they play the “poor me” card when they do get that attention. Can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen….or better yet, don’t spread lies.

  • Blackjack

    Didn’t a couple of clowns in a Pro-BlackBerry group just leave BlackBerry for iPhone because of Blackberry not having Instagram? I could swear I heard that… now where is that link?

    Ah here it is…http://mochadark.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/tough-love-why-we-left-our-blackberrys/comment-page-1/#comment-13

    “BlackBerry doesn’t have the major apps that I need and want, like Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. “

    • ray689

      Snap Chat too? Do they want a video of that one working flawlessly as well?

      • Blackjack

        Yes. Yes they do.

  • Robert

    These are the kind of posts that need to be shared. I have run into so many people who always say the same thing, “I didn’t know BlackBerry could do that”. Sad part is, half of them are currently on BB10.

    I bet they’re are two (2) ex-BlackBerry users that must feel really stupid about now. locco_smiley_33

    Thanks for sharing Ray.

    • ray689

      So right you are Robert.

    • nnik

      That’s why they can put up with ios, they don’t need their phone to do anything normal like make calls or receive all txts. Ever notice how when you talk to an iPhone user it sounds like they’re in a can?

      • jrohland

        My boss used to have an iTurd. I would beg him not to join conference calls from that thing as it sounded terrible. Unfortunately he replaced it with an Android. It is not great but not nearly so bad as the iPhone was.

  • ital1

    Great post Ray; I’ve come to a conclusion based on what I’ve been seeing on Twitter from “supposed” BlackBerry fans. First things first, I have no issues with people who are fans of mobile technology and that includes all the mobile platforms; I do take issue with those who like to try their hand at blogging, publicly state their strong support for BlackBerry for months, to then turn 180 degrees and publicly feel the need to go over social media to explain why they switched. Most often than not they contradict the points they previously made in favour of BlackBerry.

    My conclusion is that these individuals were not true BlackBerry fans; they were “fans” at the time that it served their needs. Along the way, their fellow mentors showed them that there is more money and attention to be gained by discrediting BlackBerry because, as we all know, bad BlackBerry news is so much better received. Not only that, it opens these false fans up to legions of anti BlackBerry social media trolls. They tie themselves to BB to get pre release devices and invitations to BB events, all the while having a gigantic sense of entitlement that BB somehow owes them for their false allegiance. Their passive aggressive trolling and hypocrisy is distasteful in the least.

    • ray689

      Sounds about right.

  • Azensun

    I am a bit puzzled as well as to why these folks found it necessary to ‘defend’ themselves in the social media sphere. Couldn’t they have just silently moved on?

    • Blackjack

      Attention hounds.

  • Blackjack

    If you stop using a BlackBerry fine. Move to a new platform . But move away from Blackberry fan groups or websites along with it. Pack your bags and go. Quietly.


    Not that I want to give the fools any traffic, but who are they?

    • ray689

      Nobody important. Just correcting their misinformation.

      • Blackjack

        Just an example of the zillions who still think BlackBerry doesn’t do major apps.

  • nnik

    As everyone that knows me knows…. misinformation pisses me off to no end and there is no reason for it except to manipulate and deceive for self serving purposes. Which I think is very low. People actually read these deceptive articles and base decisions on them. People that don’t have a lot of cash and trust that they won’t be lied to

    • ray689

      Exactly. The average user is not a tech junkie and goes by the information they are provided. This is why the fact checks we and BlackBerry have been doing go a long way in helping. It just seems that there are too many liars calling themselves “fans” to keep up with. Heck some even run “fan” sites…or so they say.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    If nobody knows you, then you shouldn’t need to defend yourself. Which is why I won’t have to respond to this comment ever.

  • veeru789

    Who is th D-Head that said instagram doesn’t work. Like Ray said Igran is better than the native app and second, instagram work on all BlackBerry 10 phones including the low spec Z3 and it’s smooth.

  • seankelleher

    I hate to break it to you, but people change their minds about things in life, whether it be people, cars, jobs, clothes, and yes, even phones. David Bethala and Lauren Kortbein got iPhones. If you’re going to write about people whose names are their Twitter names (Twitter, the place where some “#ProBlackBerry” people have been bullying them all day), you might as well use their names.

    It’s not like this is John Chen with an Inside BlackBerry blog post about his switching platforms. They’re just regular users who switched to iPhones. Now I know you’re probably thinking I’m some troll too, which is why I made my avatar one of me and my beloved Passport, but I’ve been a BlackBerry user since 2007, and unlike David and Lauren, I’ve had many BlackBerrys. I’ll list them for you. The Pearl, 8800, 8820, Curve 8320 in gold and titanium grey, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Bold 9780 in black and in white, Bold 9900 in black and white, Torch 9810, Z10, Q10 in black and white, Z30, and now a Passport.

    Did David and Lauren need to announce their choice to use an iPhone over a BlackBerry? I don’t know. I mean, I wouldn’t have, and for the record, David still uses his Z30. But what I DO know is that the way some people treated them today was not very nice, and reflects poorly on #ProBlackBerry (whatever you call yourselves). David and Lauren don’t say bad things about your BlackBerry or my BlackBerry, they just said what they liked about their iPhones. Unfollow them, block them, use your BlackBerry to record a voice note of you cursing their names, but come on–insulting them personally is childish, and definitely not part of the businesslike persona many of you attribute to yourselves and BlackBerry.

    I won’t be following Lauren and David down the iPhone path, fear not. I’m unbiased when it comes to phones, and have used enough iOS products (my two iPod touches, iPad Air and iPad Air 2) to know that BlackBerry blows iOS out of the water when it comes to the things I do on my phone, which are texting, BBMing, web browsing, talking, tweeting (@SeanKelleher), and emailing. Of course Instagram runs smoothly when side loaded, but truth be told, I’m not an app guy. I wouldn’t trade the BlackBerry Hub or BlackBerry keyboard (virtual or physical) for anything iOS has to offer me. You could put a 128BG iPhone 6 Plus in my hand and I would drop it in a second to be on my Passport.

    Yes, the iPhone does many things (bending being one of them), but it just doesn’t do “it” for me–since 2007 it never has, and I suspect that it never will. But that’s no reason to be rude to my friends David and Lauren.


    • seankelleher

      Oops. I meant to write 128GB, not 128BG.

      I know the letters BG followed by an R aren’t too popular around here ;)

      • nnik

        What pissed me off is the twisting of facts and misrepresentation of iPhone in comparison to BlackBerry, as I said earlier; this is tantamount to lying to a little old lady to scam her out of her last dollar…. because they still trust what they read. There was no need to justify a lousy choice at the expense of integrity

        • seankelleher

          How is this the same as lying to an old lady?

          Let me be more blunt: Lauren is not a world-renowned blogger. She doesn’t run Engadget or Tech Crunch or any other big time, supposed unbiased blog (I don’t even read those two, they just popped into my head). She’s a girl in college who likes to write about college, Volkswagens, her pink hair, beer, and mobile tech. Her blog is not where a vast number of people turn to for news, it’s a tumblr or Word Press site, I think. And anyone who trusts a random blog and bases their phone choice off of one person is easily impressionable to begin with.

          Please tell us who you think is reading Lauren’s blog with their credit card in-hand, deciding to buy an iPhone over a BlackBerry online.

    • ray689

      First of all I think you missed the point. Yes people can switch to whatever they damn well please and nobody actually cares or in fact asked. When you take the time to spread the news on social media and spread misinformation then don’t expect people to not respond. As for your accusation of them being treated badly looking bad on us or proBlackBerry, I’m not sure what you are talking about. Whoever treated them badly has nothing to do with us. We just corrected some misinformation which is what we are here for. Those who can’t handle it don’t have to read it. But thanks for reading.

      • seankelleher

        What Lauren wrote isn’t wrong though. BlackBerry doesn’t have Instagram, it has iGrann and you can side load the real deal. You left out that part. That’s like me writing “I love chocolate.” but then the next sentence I write, “I’m allergic to chocolate.” Based off of the first sentence, people don’t get the whole picture.

        You seem to have some spare time, as I can see by you writing up this post and making a YouTube video of Instagram opening on your Passport, so if you have some more extra time, go look at their mentions on Twitter. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Undbiter65

      Where exactly were WE rude to your friends? The point of UTB is to correct any misinformation, which is what your friends were doing, regardless of who is spreading it. We’re people mean? I don’t know, I had no part of it and don’t follow them on twitter but they were incorrect in their information, so it was corrected.

      • seankelleher

        That’s nice of you not to be mean to people because they switched phones.

        But Lauren wrote what I quoted, that Instagram can be side loaded, which is not misinformation–it’s the truth. But that part was omitted, and really, that’s just a tactic that I’d expect from a BlackBerry-bashing site, like BGR, where you can go see for yourselves, I spend some free time defending BlackBerry.

        • nnik

          Sideloading is in the past, you can directly load APKs like any other app. People get hung up on this and think there is a special process to load the apps they want when there really isn’t

          • seankelleher

            “Directly load APKs” is a phrase that won’t sit well, let alone register with the average consumer. I do it, you do, but most people won’t.

            • Brad

              Sean, you don’t have to justify your fan-dom here. I know who you are going all the way back to the #iChooseBlackBerry10 days. The point here, was like always to show the truth vs what is being said. Personally, I couldn’t care less if they switched phones. I don’t know why they felt the need to justify it, but in doing so, they made iPhone sound like it is something better than BlackBerry. Which we both know is so completely false. A crippled OS can’t compare. She specifically said “Yes, there are Android apps that can be sideloaded, and there are native versions of these apps, but they just can’t compare.” We both know that’s not true. And we’re tired of hearing the BGR’s and CB forums trolls saying it. We wouldn’t expect someone who not to long ago such outspoken proponents of BlackBerry to be using the same tactics to justify their choice.

              • seankelleher

                Hey Brad! I still choose BlackBerry 10, and will choose BlackBerry 10, 11, 12 or whatever they call it in the future. I told David that he should expect backlash and unfollows, because he got a lot of followers/friends due to his #TeamBlackBerry tweets, and now that he tweets about his iPhone experience, some people might not be interested in seeing him tweet about a phone that many BlackBerry users revile.

                Brace yourselves boys, because he’s going to do a full writeup in a month, so I hope everyone will be mature enough to handle that around here. Had any of you guys even read David or Lauren’s blogs before today? Honestly? I’d read David’s, but not Lauren’s. I read her bit in David’s blog today, and though the iPhone is a phone I would never consider for me, it’s apparently great for Lauren and David too. GOOD FOR THEM!

                One thing that I think is important to remember, is that we all could have iPhones if we wanted. We just don’t. The $599+ tax, which was like $680 something, I paid for my Passport from Shop BlackBerry (I love giving them money directly!), could have bought me a top of the line iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from my carrier (the one with the crazed CEO who ought to consider mental help). I, like you guys and girls, buy BlackBerry phones. I have for years, and since 2007, I pick BlackBerry over iPhone and Android. I don’t even entertain the thought of using something else. The sky is blue, my phone is a BlackBerry, it’s that simple and it won’t change.

                I’m about the same age as David and Lauren, and I’m also in the minority of people my age…they all have iPhones and Androids. I don’t care, and as much as David and Lauren are my friends on Twitter and BBM, I don’t much care what they use. Would I like to see them on a BlackBerry? SURE! I think everyone *needs* a BlackBerry, even if it’s in addition to their iPhone or Android. I know that sounds extreme, but I believe it and no one will change my mind. But what Lauren wrote really wasn’t misinformation. Does Instagram run beautifully on my Passport? Yep. But I went to the Evozi APK site, after I’d copied the Instagram Google Play web link, then generated a link to install the bar file. It’s simple to me, but so is driving a stick shift.

            • nnik

              Smh, you load like any other app. There is no special process, why are you making sound like there is one?

              • seankelleher

                Get back to me when you can down Instagram directly from BlackBerry World or even the Amazon App Store.

                The process involves more steps than it does on other platforms, and I don’t think I need to tell people here that yes, most users are LAZY, and that means they don’t want to take the extra steps.

        • ray689

          First of all Sean, nobody here was mean to your friends. Second of all…No you DO NOT need to sideload that app. Andoird Apk install directly on your device. So yes that is incorrect information. Like I said, we are here to correct misinformation. Sorry if that hurt anyone’s feelings but its true.

          • seankelleher

            Most of the Android installers have to be…sideloaded, again definitely not something most people, aside from us, are willing/know how to do. It is not as easy as going into the App Store or Google Play or whatever, and clicking DOWNLOAD next to Instagram’s icon, then having the app icon appear on your screen.

  • Blackjack

    May I chime in? Here’s the problem I have and why I am unapologetically a part of UTB. People can choose any phone they want. Don’t come rubbing it in the faces of groups and websites devoted to Blackberry or suffer the wrath. What exactly did they expect for doing this? Applause from Blackberry fans? UTB is here to say no. We would not tolerate it at crackberry we would not tolerate it at n4bb. If you choose iPhones don’t expect to be part of the blackberry fan community and expect us to listen passively to your bsing about your new love ESPECIALLY if it contains misinformation . Just go away and find people you have commonality with.

    • seankelleher

      Where did they post about their iPhones other than their Twitter accounts and their blogs? They’re not BlackBerry blog writers, they didn’t post anywhere other than their own social media accounts.

      Had they come here or CB or N4BB or wherever else, I’d absolutely think it was wrong, and just as bad as those stupid threads by even stupider people who post their “Leaving My BlackBerry Tomorrow!” or “Convince me to keep my BlackBerry” threads all over CB. They didn’t come here though, they’re smart enough not to do that. This is a place that I enjoy for pure BlackBerry stuff, and the latest Apple scandals.

      The end of Lauren’s writing was saying that she still considers herself part of #TeamBlackBerry, and hopes for the best for the company, and even says she may return one day. Again, why is this any different than if I left #TeamBlackBerry? She and I are both just regular people, we’re not some spokesman or spokeswoman making a dramatic departure. BlackBerry’s user base is certainly not in a position to be shutting its doors on people, and it’s not like she maligned the company. iGrann is not Instagram. It’s the RC Cola to Coca-Cola. It works, but it’s a little different. #TeamBlackBerry shouldn’t be telling anyone to go away, especially when one of the people owns a Z30 still, and the other is open to buying a BlackBerry again.

  • afl2277

    I find it so sad when people previously friends fall out, to my view the friendships being the most important. Maybe I feel this way as I am nearer to a wooden box than most on here, knowing how short life is and how unimportant some things are.

    I have to wonder just how many people would have read what the two people wrote. Probably not many. It’s hardly on the same scale of the Twitter resident nut who, claiming to use a BlackBerry with a missing casing accompanied by a picture of that missing casing, then trolls everyone claiming she had an electric shock off a BlackBerry.

    I feel for the way they were turned on, as after a head injury last Oct, I was plunged into an horrendous rage where I dumped friends, dumped my BlackBerry Elite status, dumped all social media except Twitter where I ranted constantly about binning BBM, and hating anyone and everything, even BB. Luckily as the rages passed and the concussion subsided I got all friends back, but sadly to this day, my Elite status has gone. The reason for telling you this is that not many BlackBerry friends stood by me. Not knowing what was wrong most chose to ignore me, and it hurts. Having been such a part of a close knit community it hurts a lot. So, they have changed phones…..they mention a couple of apps don’t work. In this short life is it really worth causing hag, causing hurt, causing BlackBerry waves just as the company is picking up? No, it isn’t.

    You have Rev Grim doing his sermons, now, at last, the old matriarch of the BlackBerry World has come on here and spoken…thanks for listening :) xx

  • ital1

    Not to repeat what others have said but I really do believe that a point is being missed. I will use Lauren as an example as I am not really familiar with David. There was a time when my Twitter wall was inundated with very positive tweets about BlackBerry from Lauren. She then started to blog for for another site and I recall even switched from her Z30 – which she publicly and constantly praised for months – to a Q10. SnapChat, Instagram and whatever “must have” app were still there and just as popular at that time.

    I find it interesting now that she’s gotten some popularity in social media that BlackBerry no longer meets her needs. To be honest, we’re all tired of this trend of getting clicks by going against BlackBerry. Look at all the attention she’s gotten from the backlash, and I have no doubt she’ll get many more followers from the legion of anti BlackBerry trolls who love a good “why I dumped BlackBerry” story. Sounds to me like just another blogger looking to get clicks at the expense of BlackBerry. I guess being a blogger that likes and supports BlackBerry isn’t lucrative enough these days, not to mention not being the popular choice.

    • seankelleher

      The idea that Lauren or David do things FOR CLICKS is ridiculous. They run WordPress blogs (NO OFFENSE), and they are not major tech writers. They do not rake in ad dollars. They are not paid shills.

      I follow her too, and I remember she had a Z30 and then gave it to someone, and got a Q10, and then finally an iPhone 5. Of course I enjoyed her tweets about BlackBerry, because I owned a black and a white Q10 and then got myself a Z30. Tweets are always more enjoyable when they’re relatable or you agree with someone, that’s common sense. I’ve never and will never use an iPhone, so I don’t care how great her apps are. I have an iPod touch and iPad Air 2, I can get whatever apps she has, I’m just not an Apple fanatic, so those tweets don’t do anything for me.

      She never even said anything negative about BlackBerry, and I know that’s hard for readers of this site in particular to understand. If I didn’t type the way you do on my Passport, many here would call me a TROLL or a TURNCOAT, A LIAR, a LOSER. I’ve personally had a number of terrible experiences with Digital River, BlackBerry’s retail supplier, but I keep those things to myself because I don’t want it to discourage people from buying directly from Shop BlackBerry (as I have done with the white Q10, Z30, and now my Passport, and hopefully my mom’s Classic next month). You can love BlackBerry and not own one, just like I do like the Apple products, but do not love the company. It does not have a place in my heart like BlackBerry does, I do not enjoy going to their stores and being around THOSE people.

      Lauren and David got iPhones, and the only money either of them has “made” off BlackBerry is Lauren, who sold her Q10. David STILL has and USES his Z30.

      People around here should stop playing the victim all the time. I am a BlackBerry user, and lover, and there are better ways to go about reaching out to people about the company/products besides these ridiculous out-of-context based articles that stretch the truth, and, ironically, generate the same type of clicks that Lauren and David are being accused of seeking.

  • Tommy C

    Holy Shit! Lauren Kortbein! That was James Nieves’ biggest draw on BerryFro (and a lust unrequited). That has got to be insanely damaging to the credibility of the site and some of it’s members who are in fact genuine BlackBerry aficionados (one or two I can personally vouch for). They may be the competition, but as part of the BlackBerry family, my condolences goes out to BerryFlow on the treachery and deceptive practices of those two turncoats.

    P.S. – they claim to have received a lot of comments. Where? =))

    • seankelleher

      She was a guest writer on there.. they’re not like, BlackBerry employees. No one here is legally bound to use a BlackBerry. I have no idea what really goes on on that site, as I really only go on CrackBerry or check here for the crackpot articles.

  • Robert

    I have lots of friends and everyone has the device that the feel best suits them. I am constantly asked about BlackBerry and when demonstrating if features they are always very much impressed. In the end, some decide to change and some don’t but we do always remain friends. I think they should have considered switching to their device of choice and if they felt like expressing it, do a comparative write up. It seems almost as if BerryFro started this on purpose to gain traction only to have them possibly post a write up after some time on his site. Just saying…

    Anyway, it’s just a phone and deciding to take it publicly that you’re switching… locco_smiley_12

    • seankelleher

      I know David will write a writeup about his iPhone experience in about a month, I don’t know about Lauren. Personally, I don’t see the point in writing about it.. then again, I’m not a blogger, and I would never flatter myself into thinking that anyone cares if I switched phones.

      I also don’t think they concocted some plan for anyone to switch phones just so Berry Flow could do an article. I don’t think Berry Flow would even post something like that, they seem pretty “#ProBlackBerry,” though not as spiteful as some around here.

      • Blackjack

        You’re sounding a little spiteful Sean.

        • seankelleher

          Everyone sounds spiteful to an UTB Blogs writer, that’s nothing new.

  • Blackjack

    Coming soon:

    Why I switched to menthol. I hope my friends in the Camel forum will still accept me.

    Maybe if I write a blog…