UTB Fact Check: BlackBerry Passport Durability


It was brought to my attention that some iPhone users have been calling the BlackBerry Passport’s durability in to question. In light of Bendgate, I’m surprised any iPhone user could possibly attempt to make any sort of complaint against any other phone. But sadly, they are.

BlackBerry users know just how sturdy our phones are. It’s one of the many reasons I’ve stuck with BlackBerry through the years. You see, I’m extremely rough with my phones. Not on purpose of course, I’m really just kind of klutzy. But I can honestly say that I have yet to own a BlackBerry device that I haven’t seen bounce off the floor-pavement-concrete etc. And while it makes my heart stop for a second, I’ve never had any more issues than scratches around the edges. I actually watched as a BlackBerry Torch 9810 came flying out of a pocket from the top of a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I even reached out for it, and thought I came very close to catching it, but no, we saw it fall all the way down, hit the concrete, and explode. Well, we thought it exploded. At the end of the night, when the staff brings all the broken cell phones back to the recovery area, the Torch was handed back to us, along with the pieces of the case that was holding it. Surprisingly, it was the case that exploded. The phone’s slider mechanism was jammed open, but other than not being able to close it, it worked perfectly. The glass wasn’t even broke. And that’s the only time I’ve had to send a BlackBerry back for replacement.

But of course the iPhone users that that are making the accusations about the Passport’s durability  would probably accuse me of making that story up. They’re rather rude that way. And as much as I hate to quote people that are so unpleasant, we should look at their accusations. The following was taken from a fairly popular iPhone forum.

Last I read, the phone seems to be suffering from a bit of a QA problem. Seems the screen is lifting off the frame because they’re using double sided tape to hold the screen to the frame. That as well as the corner of the screen cracking.
Hhhhmmmm….. Before spouting forth about people bending iPhones, check on the sticky tape holding the Passport together.

Hmmm… now while I’ve never had to repair a BlackBerry, I have had to replace a few screens on a few iPods. And you’ll never guess how those screens were held on. Yes, by little bits of adhesive tape. And the repair kits came with new little bits of adhesive tape to put the screen back on. In fact, most tear down videos that I’ve seen have used the same tape. But that’s ok, let them complain about tape. Let’s look at how the products actually stand up to each other.

The Bend Test:

We’ve seen this quite a bit already. But we can’t talk about phone durability without seeing it again. Let’s not forget that the iPhone bends. Quite easily as a matter of fact. I’m sure the iPhone users that are making these false claims wish that there wasn’t so many pictures and videos of it. But thankfully there are.

And the BlackBerry Passport? The device that they are claiming isn’t durable?

It doesn’t bend. No surprise there.

Drop Test:

Here someone did a fairly polite drop test on the iPhone 6, releasing it from his hand which was at it’s lowest point possible.

The aluminum case gets mangled with pieces flying, and when gently dropped face down, the glass completely shatters. Leaving this iPhone 6 in the same condition as most iPhone users phones as I see when I’m out and about.

How about a Passport drop test? Well our friend the Squircle Samurai shared a link with me earlier today for a very extreme drop test on the Passport! Wait until you see this!

So iPhone users are stating the Passport is not durable? My opinion, it’s quite obvious what they are doing. They see the weakness in their device of choice, we all see it, and instead of calling out to Apple, to fix it, they choose to project their own worries on the device that seems to worry them the most.

I would make a comment about people in glass houses, but we all know iPhone users. And if they lived in houses made of glass, I’m fairly certain their homes would be shattered.



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