UTB EXCLUSIVE – Picture Password coming soon to DTEK50!



For all you DTEK50 owners please ‘Watch This Space‘! Word has it that Picture Password will be making its’ way onto your beloved ‘Precioussss‘ with an upcoming OS update. Not sure exactly when, but this important security feature has been noticeably absent and many fans have been clamoring for it – and BlackBerry listened!

What other manufacturer values their customers to this extent?

Certainly not Windows who has all but abandoned the platform,

Certainly not Samsung who is busily working with detonation experts trying to defuse their Note 7 situation, and

Certainly not Apple who is too busy removing features from their phone to selling dongles or overpriced Bluetooth earbuds with a whopping 5 hour battery life!


Just another reason-







kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • Robert

    This is something all BlackBerry devices need. I hate entering a PIN or password.

  • kapumbasipo@gmail.com

    This is wonderful news.

  • Martin

    “Certainly not Samsung who is busily working with detonation experts trying to defuse their Note 7 situation”

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  • Jope28

    We’ve asked for dark Hub on BB10 and haven’t gotten it. Same goes for including us in cross-platform BBM Video.

    Plus, you Androidian Dekkers and Privvers can’t knock Samsung explosives since you never know if a Samsung explosive reference design might be used by BlackBerry in the future.

    I’ll stick to my non-explosive BB10 OS and cool keyboard Passport device. :-p

  • @kewlgirl05 don’t really understand why it isn’t there already?

  • Timothius: The BB10 Evangelist

    It appears BlackBerry’s goal is to take every feature that made BB10 unique and cobble it onto their Android-based phones while doing nothing to help its own BB10 OS stay relevant or keep pace. This saddens me.

    • razrrob

      Yes, while BB10 was and still is the best darn OS out there on ANY platform, a 1% acceptance rate cannot be ignored. It’s a shame folks did not support it

  • Reality Check

    Nope. Still waiting for picture password. Epic BlackBerry fail IMO.

    • Robert Friedman

      That’s really odd coz I have it on my DTEK60. Have you searched for the .apk?

  • Dirk Schiller

    Almost unexpectedly there was still nothing at the latest update ;(
    Fail? In my opinion: Yes. It feels like being a second class customer.