Apple perfects the stylus & tablet!



Be still my beating heart!!

In a bold move calculated to disrupt markets and shift the entire smartphone paradigm, it is anticipated that Apple will be adding a clip and a magnet to their $100 pencil stylus to keep it attached to the iPad and iPhone! In addition, they are rumored to be introducing a series of new low resolution tablets thanks to the visionary known as Tim Cook.

All of these allegations are based off of reports from supply-chain vendors, so they are far from factual, but it isn’t hard to anticipate throngs in Cupertino foaming at the mouth over these innovative new changes to all things Apple. I can see them queuing up already to hand over their hard earned money for the latest Apple offerings.

Unfortunately the skeptical cynic in me would have to say this is nothing more than a money grab by Tim Cook, et al, in an effort to shore up there declining revenue. The iPad has been a dissapointment in sales as folks are not buying them every time a new one is introduced. In addition, it’s the one product they make that is actually built to last. The real question is how much longer will people continue to shell out top dollar for the world’s most expensive land-line?

But enough Apple bashing.

In an attempt to keep this ‘fair and balanced‘ what magic would you like to see Jony Ive unleash on the masses with the latest refresh of the Mac, iPad, and iPhone?

Wireless charging?

An FM radio?

A better battery?

A tougher, more rugged screen?

Let your imagination run wild as there are no wrong answers….


 Oops – that’s a Surface Pro stylus (~$59)….



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  • anthogag

    Did you demo the Apple Pencil? I did. It is better than a stylus.

    • Robert Friedman

      In all honesty I never used ‘Stylus 2’ as it is not yet available. I have extensively used a Windows Surface Pro 4 stylus and it works perfectly – no room for improvement (imho).

      • anthogag

        No room for improvement for the Surface stylus? Try Apple’s Pencil.

        The current Surface Pro is nice. Microsoft will probably make it’s own version of Pencil.

        • Robert Friedman


          Since you seem convinced I will make every effort to demo an Apple pencil and report back with my findings.

          • anthogag

            Okay, great.