UTB EXCLUSIVE! 10.3.1 Release Date Revealed



Then let’s go.

Our understanding is that 10.3.1 will be released in the UK on the 27th January for all current devices and that this will NOT be carrier dependent – in other words BlackBerry will push the update direct to handsets which, if you ask me, is great news for us all.

Since John Chen became CEO updates have been pretty much bang on synchronised around the world so set your device to auto update (Settings>Software Updates>Options>Auto Update ON) sit back and enjoy the goodness at the end of the month!

Unlike Android Lollipop this will work on all BB10 devices and not lag out of the box.

And, unlike iOS8 you won’t have to delete all your photos to download it only to find it doesn’t really work.

Get ready, it’s coming your way in the next 3 weeks.

Good value for your smartphone purchase?

You’ll only find that with a BlackBerry.

End of story.


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