UTB Channel Feature #5

It appears as though BlackBerry will be featuring independent unpaid channels less and less as more big name paying customers create channels. Just by looking at the channels feature wall it is dominated by the likes of lululemon, WWE, PGA, Virgin Atlantic, TIME, Rolling Stone and Disney. While this is a good thing as it brings more attention to channels from the main stream media, it is also a bad thing as there really is no room left for the little guy. Enter GCN or Global Channels Network, with over 40 channel owners belonging to this group they feature each other’s work and help each other grow since we can no longer depend on BlackBerry. I belong to this group as do other UTB bloggers. Please check it out as there are dozens of wonderful highly active channels spanning all categories to keep you entertained on the toilet. C003d0ff9

If you would like to join this group please email globalchannelsnetwork@gmail.com