The UTB Brad Podcast #1: Should I Mount It?

It’s the first episode of the quite boringly named UTB Brad Podcast.

Let’s be honest, I’m following in the footsteps of Roy with his one man Why BlackBerry Isn’t Dead Yet podcast. Roy has shown us that a short, one man podcast can be enjoyable. I’m going to follow him in to this new realm of podcasting.

There are plenty of things that I run across that might not be in depth enough to make it to a blog post. They might not be important enough, or involved enough, to make decent conversation on the UTB Blogcast. And they are probably nothing that my Talking Geek partner would have the least bit of interest in. Those topics, shall find a home here on The UTB Brad Podcast.

Give me a listen, see if it’s worth your time, and tell me what you think.

In this episode: An introduction to the podcast, and I talk about mounting your SD card in your Marshmallow BlackBerry Android smartphone



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