UTB Blogs Swag Bag Winner!

Earlier this month, we announced a contest. The contest gave our readers a chance to win a UTB Swag Bag. The rules of the contest? To be the top poster in our UTB Forums. Of course, we wanted quality posts, and we got them.

It was nice to see that the winner of the UTB Swag Bag was one of our more solid UTB Forums members. He has been a regular in our forums even without a contest. A great part of our forums, this member is always pleasant, extremely helpful, and most important of all, a solid BlackBerry fan!

Congratulations Newcollector!

Newcollector wins:

A UTB Blogs Stainless Steel Travel Mug!

A UTB Blogs Sticker set!

And our new UTB Blogs pen! That pen is snazzy!


Newcollector, I’ll be in contact for shipping details.


To our other members, what do you think? Should we try this again? Would you like a chance to win your own UTB Swag?




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