UTB Blogs Says… Who Is This Jerk?

No... That's Not A Copy...
No… That’s Not A Copy…

So, over to Cult of Mac (always a dodgy thought) and the bizarre title ‘Patent Troll Blackberry Says Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard Is “Deliberate Copy”.

Well, it’s a fascinating twist on the truth kids.

In an incredibly well researched piece, the, obviously not bothered about having a keyboard on an iPhone, John Brownlee, ends up telling his iPhonian chums to ‘get one while you can’ as an eagle eyed judge has spotted that Typo have blatantly ripped off BlackBerry’s patent and stuck it on a heap of scrap in an attempt to make it a proper communications device.

Nasty old BlackBerry have, therefore, denied iPhone users the chance of using a BlackBerry keyboard on an iPhone which, unfortunately, stops iPhone users from being able to type in any way accurately.

So John chucks some inaccurate old insults in along the way.

Now, could John be so upset because his native iPhone keyboard is rubbish?

Or was this article written by his parakeets?

Either way, the answer for John is simple.

Let go.

Buy a BlackBerry.

You’ll feel better, and ‘Cult of Mac’ will be more enlightened as you’ll be able to post more often.

On second thoughts, best stick with what you have.

Read ‘Patent Troll BlackBerry’ Here


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