UTB Blogs Joins #DeleteFacebook

How do you join an exit? Like this.

I haven’t really wanted a Facebook account in years. I’ve been very vocal about my thoughts on Facebook. Realistically, we were trying to grow the reach of UTB Blogs. We still are. Turns out that growing a brand is a little more difficult than we may have thought when we started. One of our former bloggers suggested starting a Facebook page a while back. This turned into quite a battle, and in the end, I allowed the page to be created.

One of the reasons which I fought against starting that page, was that it meant I needed to have a page as well. I had a page, that hadn’t been touched in a very long time. And the idea of logging into it again did not sit well with me. But I did it, and UTB Blogs was born on Facebook.

For the longest time, we allowed our posts on the site to auto-post to the Facebook page. The page went unmanaged, with none of us ever actually going to look at it. Recently, it came to our attention that our posts had stopped auto-posting to Facebook sometime around the first of the year. Upon logging in to search for the problem, I discovered that there were many messages from readers that had gone ignored. I felt bad about it, and while I wasn’t willing to use Facebook myself, I downloaded Facebook’s Page manager app and began managing the page myself, posting our articles, and responding to comments and messages. I won’t lie, little by little we were gaining more traffic from Facebook, and interactions with readers were growing.

Recently, Facebook’s troubles have taken over the headlines. If you ask me, much of what is in the headlines is nothing more than political garbage. There. I said it, and I feel better for it. What happened with Cambridge Analytica is no different than what happened in prior elections, and what happens everyday with developers on Facebook. What happened with Cambridge Analytica is what we, and any privacy minded individuals have been warning people about for years. Now, there seems to be a political agenda behind the anger, and I’m ok with that. I’m just happy that there is finally anger.

Of course, this led us, and our readers, to question why we had a Facebook page. Well, I already told you how it came to be. Personally, I haven’t been sharing anything with Facebook. I refused to install the Facebook app on my phone, and I went through every setting on the Pages Manager app to ensure I wasn’t sending them anything. Further, I haven’t touched my personal page. I get random emails telling me I have friend requests, and messages waiting, and friends posting photos to their pages, but I never felt the want or need to sign in and check any of those things.

The reason we had a page was to grow our audience. To find users that may not find us through other means, and provide them the information that we do on our site. But were we also enabling? Could there be someone out there that uses our own site as one of a handful of reasons to stay on Facebook? I doubt that. Because of the limited time that we’ve actually been posting regularly to that page, I seriously doubt it. But I don’t want us to become one of those reasons someone decides to stay either.

Today, I signed into my actual Facebook page. For the first time in years. And I signed in for one reason, to delete the UTB Blogs page and my own personal page. I saw all the red notifications, and my only thought was, “well those are one of the things Facebook is getting sued for by BlackBerry”. There was no need to check them, because there is no need to be drawn into something which I want no part of. The UTB Blogs page, and my own page, are now scheduled for deletion. Apparently there is a wait period before it is actually deleted. But for all intents and purposes, it’s now gone. And won’t be back.

If you choose to delete or remain on Facebook, that is entirely your choice. Either way I hope you continue to educate yourself on just how much of your information is available to them. I hope you continue to hear and listen to how much of your personal information Facebook allows third parties to have. A persons privacy is ultimately their own choice, but it needs to be an educated choice.

As for me and the UTB Blogs site? Well we just joined the #DeleteFacebook movement. And it feels really good.

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