UTB Blogs is Now On Parler

Tired of Twitter? Try Parler.

Times they are a-changing! When UTB started out, we had two primary methods to attempt to grow our audience and build our community. First and foremost, we had our birthplace, BBM Channels. Second, was Twitter. This week we have lost BBM Channels, and have completed our transition to Telegram Channels.

If you’ve been following along here you probably already know my current dislike of Facebook and Twitter. The overtly political agenda and practice of silencing those which do not agree with that agenda should disgust anyone who was raised to believe that speech should be free. It disgusts me.

Luckily, other platforms are coming in to fill in the void being created by Facebook and Twitter. Others who believe everyone, and not only a select group, should have the ability express themselves. Other’s who understand that we should all have the right to choose who to follow and who to ignore. And those of us that wish to determine our own destiny, instead of having the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey decide for us, can see it is time to work our way to these new platforms.

Parler (pronounced Par-lay) is one of those platforms. The service, which is self described as a “news-based social media and content engagement platform” has recently seen an influx of social media influencers thanks to Facebook and Twitter’s political antics. Parler offers dual use, both as a website commenting platform, much like Disqus which we use here, and as a social media platform most like Twitter.

There has been such an increase in new users that users have recently encountered issues getting on the service. It appears that Parler has managed to catch up with the increased demands now though, and are ready for more.

UTB Blogs can now be found on Parler, and we will be updating regularly with each new post. We are also looking at integrating the commenting service here on the site. If you would like to try Parler yourself, you can download the application on the Google Play Store here. If you’re a new or current user to Parler, don’t forget to follow @UTBBlogs and send us a message. We can’t wait to hear from you. We hope to see a larger growth of our community on Parler and Telegram so that we can finally remove UTB Blogs from Twitter as we have previously done with Facebook.


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