UTB Blogcast, We Want to Hear From You


Over the last few Blogcasts, we have had something relatively new taking place. Comments and questions from viewers. And we’ve loved it! We are still trying to find the best method for responding to comments live, it can be difficult to do once someone gets to talking. Well, let’s be honest, when Dave and I are talking. And keep talking. And won’t stop. Luckily, the others are getting better at interrupting us.

We are very aware, that most our viewers (and listeners of the audiocast) don’t watch us live, so interacting with us live tends to be more difficult. In order to best hear and interact with you, we have a new email, just for the Blogcast. Have a question for us? Want to tell us your thoughts on something we talked about? Want us to talk about something in particular? Want to correct something we said on the previous episode? Send an email to blogcast@utbblogs.com. We plan to open each Blogcast responding to emails and comments from the site over the last week.

Thanks for viewing and listening, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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