UTB Blogcast with Special Guest Matthew Talbot


A special episode of the UTB Blogcast with a very special guest, Matthew Talbot, CEO of BBM!

Mr. Talbot was very forthcoming with quite a bit of information in a short time frame.

Users of BBM and BBM Channels will not want to miss this.




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  • anthogag

    The consumer side of BBM is Android, iOS, and maybe Windows. It’s clear they’re getting a new UI and new features in January.

    BBM for BB10 is maintained by BlackBerry. It is still NOT clear after this blog cast if BB10 users are also getting the new BBM UI in January.

    The only person who knows why BB10 BBM still can’t video chat with iOS and Android is John Chen. John Chen needs to visit UTB before his next meeting with a world leader or Fortune 500 CEO.