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  • Wayno

    Thanks for joining us Daniel, it was great to have you on!!

  • Roy shpitalnik

    Thank you for joining in

  • anthogag

    For some reason you guys screw-up your blog cast endings. This time it’s not a sexual innuendo. You asked Daniel if he’d get a KEYone and he…turned into a virtual keyboard pussy.

    Is Roy stockpiling art or is he an artist?

    I look forward to the blog cast with Alex Thurber. Don’t forget to ask him about Blackberry’s plans for BB10.

    If you want John Chen you need to also invite one of the hotties from Bloomberg.

    • Growing bored with the BB10 vs BlackBerry Android Battle, Anthony decides to return to the PKB vs VKB Battle. :(

      • anthogag

        What battle? I am interested to know where BB10 is in the scheme of things at BlackBerry and you’re having a top person from BlackBerry.

        When I said he’s a pussy it’s because people were expecting him to say “yes, I can’t wait to get my hands on the KEYone”.

        The blogcast is still boring. Daniel livened it up but you guys have a bad habit of asking people a question and then leaving the discussion to look at emails or chats on your computers while the other person is talking. People who view your blogcast notice these things.

    • Roy shpitalnik

      Whats wrong with VKB ? you know, Z30 and leap are full touch… so if my friend use Z30 he become pussy ?, Can you just relax with your fight against BlackBerry’s not BB10 products, its make me tired.

      • anthogag

        Nothing is wrong with VKB. Daniel’s response was anti-climactic.