UTB Blogcast #80

What a fabulous day for BlackBerry! New of their fourth quarter earnings was released and things are looking up! Tonight on the Blogcast, we’ll talk more about what was said….what was teased…and what it all means for our favorite¬†software company!

Tune in live, and join our chat over at YouTube.

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Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.

  • Alan

    Wow, I’ve noticed that just under 5000 people have viewed your Blogcast, and I’m the only one that is commenting on it so far. :) That makes me feel very special. As usual I enjoyed the Blogcast but I don’t have much to say about it, accept I might say that it’s good to hear about how BlackBerry is managing their business these days. Way to go BlackBerry. Mostly I wanted to comment on Alpha’s passion for the BlackBerry keyboard and BlackBerry in general. That was very cool Alpha! Nice to hear another BlackBerry fan with so much passion in his heart and soul. I can relate. Keep up the all the good work people, and thank you for the entertainment. Yours truly, Alan. :)

    • Something is telling me the site is playing a bit of an April Fool’s joke on us with those numbers. Lol! Not sure what happened there.

    • The_Alpha_Geek

      Thanks Alan! I’ve always been a physical keyboard fan, dating back to before I started using a BlackBerry device. Once I started using one, there was just no going back for me! BlackBerry keyboards are THE BEST in the business, and BlackBerry itself is and shall remain my brand of choice!

  • anthogag

    Crackberry is a shit hole cesspool of scum. You didn’t point out they banned pro-BlackBerry people and nurtured trolls. Most of the moderators are disguised trolls.

    BlackBerry giving Special K, a.k.a The Floater, the job of starting their presentation for the #KeyLimePie at mobile world conference was a bitter pill.

    And, worse still, UTB has become pathetic playing buddies with CrackBerry. BlackBerry is directing people from their discontinued forum to only the the shit hole Crackberry like nothing else exists.

    What did Brad say, they still delete his posts at CrackBerry…and he still bends over for Blaize.

    Why, again, do you need CrackBerry? Do they mention UTB in a positive way on CrackBerry?

    • Mr. Positive as usual.

      No, any mention of UTB is deleted at CB forums. Anything I comment there is deleted relatively instantly (although, in fairness, it’s been a long time since I tried). I know there are a lot of BlackBerry fans and users that are no longer allowed to post there because they were banned for defending their brand of choice. I know a lot of them. Lol. I still have a huge issue with what happened in those forums, but I suppose I could also thank them for essentially inspiring (or forcing) the creation of UTB.

      However it would be stupid to assume there’s no good people there. There are. A lot of them. And our goal is to rebuild the BlackBerry community. BlackBerry fans are always welcome here, no matter what site they call home.

      If BlackBerry support forums chose to direct users to CB forums there’s nothing I can do about it. No matter anyone’s feelings, it IS the biggest forum community listed as BlackBerry centric. All I can do is offer an alternative.

      I notice you’re never in forums. :P

      • anthogag

        For me it’s really quite obvious. Don’t acknowledge CrackBerry. CrackBerry does nothing for UTB and it’s weird you don’t see it.

        If someone from CrackBerry comes here it’s because the goal is to steal viewers to their site.

        CrackBerry will never advertise UTB and if someone in their forums mentions UTB the post is probably deleted.

        Maintain your integrity and pretend like CrackBerry doesn’t exist.

        BlackBerry knows other BlackBerry fan sites exist but they chose to advertise CrackBerry. This is disgusting and partly why I could care less if BlackDroid is successful.

  • Dave Matthews

    Sounds like Brad had a bit of a shit fit regarding Fitbit!

    • Observation Junkie

      It sure did sound sound like that, and Wayno on the hunt for every BlackBerry Passport there is on the planet.

      • Wayno

        Lmao OJ. I want YOUR Passport and I want it now!!!!

        • Observation Junkie

          I’ve got three, two still boxed, take a pick. :)